Are poor people created to be poor and rich people created to be rich?

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    Nobody is created to be poor. There are various reasons why some are poor and others are rich. Some the reasons are bad government, bad leaders, corruption, the will of individuals, management skills, race/ethnic factors, sex, inheritance, non-inheritance and other various reasons. Some people are poor because of poor judgment, environment and the people they associate themselves with. Some are poor because they choose not to go college or learn a trade. There are a lot of blame to pass around. The bottom line is the government/leadership and individuals willingness. Bad government have little or no structure in place for her citizens to create wealth and grow. The money is simply shared amongst the political elite and they don’t care about the hardship their fellow citizens are going through. Some wealth are kept in the family and they cleverly pick the most reasonable person in the family to at least keep the wealth going or growing. In some poor families someone make a break through via education, covert activities or just working hard with a stroke of luck.

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    The Bible said and I quote “God created man in his own image ” and therefore did not create poor or rich man. Man is man’s number one enemy and has succeeded in creating “a poor and rich man”. I am still investigating if God created man with any good knowledge or He took the knowledge for good things from man after he failed. Every man no matter your colour or height is out there to be better than fellow man. This is the phenomenon of dominance and survival of the toughest and the meanest. Which form of government can erase the gap between the rich and the poor? Even the church leaders want to take from the poor under the shadow of God and a simple weapon……the holy Bible. Welcome to

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    No body is created poor or rich, the system is the reason for poor and rich people. There must be a balance between the rich and the poor to avoid instability in our society.

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    Our leaders and our systems want us to believe that we either created to be poor or rich and they have nothing to do with it but our fault by destiny. Can someone pass a message to them that their policies and hidden agendas is the cause of the disparity ? A reasonable human being is not asking for too much from the system, a job, food and a place to lay his or her head. Are these not easily achievable?

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    I read a quote once that said Everyone is given the same amount of time in the race, some might get a head start, but it’s still the same time in the end. Yes, the family you’re born into will have quite an effect on you, but it doesn’t determine your future. Being born with a silver spoon doesn’t guarantee you will always have it. And being born with no spoon at all,doesn’t mean you have to die poor. We all have to strive to become better, anyone can make it in life, only if you use your opportunities well.

    Don’t let your background determine your future, it’s not a stamp on your life. There are many billionaires who cane up out of nothing, and there many poor people who were born into well to do families. Sometimes an extra effort is all that is needed to make a difference

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