Do rich people think poor people are nuisance or not?

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    Ed N
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    Men were created to be equal so our elders passed the belief from generation to generation. The pendulum has tilted and an obvious dichotomy exist between the rich and the poor. To be poor is like a disease that the health scientists have not been able to decipher the etiology. Do rich people really think that poor people are nuisance? heck yes! A typical instance was during the presidential race between Mr Romney and president Barak Obama. Do you remember the 47% escapade? It is an evidence based and real. If God created us equal why this humongous disparity amongst homosapien erectus?

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    Tuedon A.

    Rich people are wealthy because majority of them are great thinkers and risk takers with unparalleled commitment and focus for targets. Unfortunately they do not extend same attribute to the poor. The rich hate lazy folks and would not really use the term “nuisance” to describe them.

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    Steve, ATL

    I don’t really believe rich people think of the poor as nuisance, it’s the poor who think the rich are stupid, wicked and do not want to support their lazy habits. The poor feel entitled and refuse to accept the fact that they are responsible for their own financial woes. The problem is, most poor people are VERY unappreciative and believe they deserve more. This type of attitude is very annoying to a rich person. Lets be realistic, why wont the rich think you are a nuisance when you wake up between 9am-12pm, claim to be sick every time there is work to do and discuss rich people instead of evaluating your own life. The main issue is not rich or poor people, it’s the attitude of the poor. Helping hand is like respect, you earn it, not that you deserve it.

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    Ed N

    Some rich people think poor people are a nuisance, but not all of them.

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    Thoko Moyo

    I think it depends which part of the world you are in, and the general attitude towards the poor.
    I have noticed in some African countries that Rich people have an attitude that they made it on their own, which is very wrong.
    It is the responsibility of people who are blessed to be in those positions to take care of the poor.
    The rich will not just vanish from this world, because clearly money does not finish, but so will the poor, they will live on, because not every situation is permanent.
    Not all Rich people find the poor a nuisance, alot of rich people help the poor, but its a majority who have their noses in the air.
    Your attitude towards poor people only reflects who you really are.

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    Some do but not all of them. The rich and the poor need each other to move the world forward.

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    Rich men like Donald Trump think poor Americans and poor foreigners are nuisance. We all need one another to survive this world. To be a poor person or a rich person is not a disease but could lead to a disease like condition. It is a collective effort of the parents , the communities and the government to create an economically viable environment for citizens to improve their quality of life. Are the third world nations listening?

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