If a bullet cost a thousand dollars(USD), would murder rate with guns decline in our society?

Home Forums If a bullet cost a thousand dollars(USD), would murder rate with guns decline in our society?

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    Ed N
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    I believe very strongly that the murder rate or percentage in our society will decline significantly if one bullet cost a thousand dollars(USD). It will be an antidote to mass murder on the streets and in our schools. How many young people or grown up will dip hand into his/her pocket and pull out a thousand dollars($1000.00) to purchase a bullet to kill someone? What if you missed your target, one thousand dollars down the drain? you know what, I will jokingly tell any one who provoked me that he/she is not worth a hundred dollars($100.00)……..a thousand dollars….heck no! It will drastically reduce illegal importation of arms into countries infested with crimes and ethnic cleansing, thereby controlling violence globally.

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    Tuedon A.

    Yes the murder rate will decline not eliminated. Money doesn’t come easy and only a few can put $1000.00 easy cash for a bullet. What is the return on that investment anyway? The bad guys would start to steal bullets instead of copper pipes. They would rather sell stolen bullets at a discounted rate than waste it on killing a person.

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    What are you talking about? Definitely absolutely yes.

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    Elaine Lovett

    Yes deaths by gun shot would go down. But I willing to bet deaths by other means would increase. When put in the position to protect oneself you will use any means necessary.
    A real criminal will also think of other ways to attack the weaker. I heard of a woman being robbed by a man with a bat in the middle of the day on Greenfield in Oak Park. You must work on changing the mind set of people by educating everyone regarding the high cost we pay to support a criminal.

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    Heck yes

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    Majority of the opinions by responders support the fact that if the price of A BULLET is TAGGED at a Thousand dollars(USD 1000.00), the violence with GUNS will drop In our societies.

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    Yes, i definately think so. I doubt people would even think of using guns to kill. Knowing human being they will find something else to use.

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    Obviously the number of killing by guns will fall drastically if one bullet price is a $1000USD. A thousand dollars is almost a monthly mortgage or could be used for good things for yourself and the family. To kill ten people you need 10k United states dollars and it is not an easy job to save ten thousand dollars by an adult. How long can teenagers or young adult to save ten thousand dollars? In summary therefore, murder rate will decrease to minimum in United states history and of course the rest of the world.

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    Pegging the prize of a bullet at $1000USD will reduce the killing with guns significantly. Waooo…….that was thoughtful! Can congress go to work on this question? I bet very few people can spare 1K to kill their worst enemy. There will be peace on the streets of every city in this world. People can easily over power an individual attacker with a knife or machette quickly before doing serious damages.

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    I will only kill the likes of Osama Bin Ladin with a 1k USD bullet.

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    This concept of expensive bullect should be considered as an antidote for gun issues and murdering of innocent citizens. Personally, this should be one approach for bullet control, therefore gun’s control. How about buy as much guns as you can but, bullet price is fixed at a $1000 USD. The politicians and NRA should debate this concept with their community members.

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    I strongly believe that while gun violence cannot be totally eradicated,because it’s impossible to clear the world of sin, if the prices of ammunition such as bullets are increased, it would drastically reduce.  Part of the reason people perpetrate gun violence and murder is that these weapons are easily available and quite affordable. Can you believe the average price of a bullet ranges from 21-35 cents. Even a middle school child can afford that.

    Increasing the price of bullets to a thousand dollars per bullet would make anyone who previously had the thought of carrying out heinous crimes to have a double take. An average person can barely afford a thousand dollars in a month, talk less of  spending that amount on only one bullet. Most people who engage in gun violence and crimes belong to either gangs or mobs, mentally unstable folks( mostly extremists), sometimes children and juveniles and it’s easily affordable for such people. I believe that the increase in the cost of a bullet would be instrumental in the reduction of crime rate in the world, not just America

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