If America pull out his military from Syria, will terrorists infest the territory?

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      Different parts of the world have varying degrees of volatility. Evidentially, very high percentage of these geographical locations are constantly drifting in and out of war. Furthermore, most of their citizens are clamped down by dictators or pseudo-dictators.

      Obviously, Syria is a perfect definition of this debate question. Their president is a pure dictator and a cold blooded murderer of his own people. Are we surprised about his actions? The answer is an emphatic No! Therefore, the idea put forth before Americans by president Trump to withdraw his military from Syria is myopic and a disaster waiting to engulf the region. Did he consult with his military and intelligence leaders?  Well, Mr know it all, obviously didn’t. What a great leader and a commander-in-chief……may the good Lord continue to save the world.

      As soon as the United States of America withdraw their military, the region will be infested with terrorists. All the progress made by America and their allies will descend into abyss quickly. There will be layers of chaos upon chaos. Consequently, the whole of Middle  East region will face the conundrum of gravitating towards a failing territory. Would that be a threat to Israel? Think about it! Your thoughts?  Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com .

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      Okpaks nana

      Most countries in the world has faced one form of crisis previously or fought civil war before. The world presently experience various form of catastrophic situations. A huge number of these countries have often time requested the might of the U. S. to put the situation under control.

      Why is the world infested with enormous forms of disasters. Is the world going to an end? or is this a way God’s purnishment is melted on Man?. Al Assad is a dictator who murder his people for fun. This has led to a terrific situation in Syria which made the United States of America decided to provide troops to contain decorum.

      Apparently, the idea orchestrated by Donald Trump to recall the U.S  troops from Syria, is dangerous and unreasonable. I’m sure he didn’t seek the approval of the Congress before embarking on this irrational and dangerous mission.



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