Are Chinese MEN and WOMEN More Sexually Active than American MEN and WOMEN?

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      Ed NEd N
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      felix nana

      Sex is a mind game managed from the heart.If the mind is free and will be fed by the heart,one can expect powerful performance.But if the mind is far from the heart due to communication gap,performance will certainly be poor.It does not matter whether one is Chinese,American or any race or national for that matter.Then of course there are taboos and beliefs that inhibit sexual desires and pleasure which may affect the mind and the heart.And there is ignorance concerning sex and its practice,creating foolhardiness in holding people of different creed having positive image about sex.This is all encompassing.

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      Ed NEdewor

      Evidence abound that the Chinese are number 8 in the world by ranking when it comes to Nations that are more sexually active. United States of America(USA) is not ranked in the top ten nations. The number one spot goes to Greece and Brazil number two. Another fact is the population discrepancy between China and USA, the total population of China is about 1.4billion people compared to the 300million plus of the USA. Does population grow by kids falling down from the sky? Is it by sexual activities? The debate is on folks.

      Could it be the bigger the people the slower their sexual activities? Is the smaller sizes of the Chinese people a factor for quicker and faster sexual events? I doubt it, because the Japanese people are equally small in sizes but the least sexually active in the world(A survey by condom, 2012). Is the various tea with ginseng extracts a contributing factor for the Chinese people population explosion? Somebody tell us something we don’t know? There is an adage which states “the more the merrier”. Could this be the driving force for this Asian nation? Your thoughts?

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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      Children are made as a product of sexual intercourse between two people. This fact makes one think that the vast population of China in comparison with that of the USA is as a result of the high sexual activity among the Chinese. However, another factor behind the large population of China could be lack of use of contraceptives. Americans could be just as sexually active as the Chinese, but due to the increased use of contraceptives by the Americans to control their population. There are many possible speculations and factors that come into play  considering the comparison of both populations.

      However, I doubt that the sexual activeness of a particular race can be accurately measured without a wide survey. Sex is way more than production of children, if we go by the movies we see in modern age, then sexuality is actively promoted by the Americans.

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