Are “poor People” the most oppressed people in the world?

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      Poor people are by far the most oppressed individuals in the world. Did God create anyone poor or the environment made him so? This is a myth since the “Bible” said we were created in God’s own image and every man is equal. The only time a poor man equals a rich man is during voting without a fraud. Why are various policies and leadership over the world  designed to put the poor further down? Welfare for instance in the United States and other countries practicing it are used to “cap” your live no more no less. Older people and few severely disabled persons on welfare is fine but younger folks doing everything to be on welfare is self wasting without panacea. Do I have poor folks in my family? of course a lot. Does anyone has a poor person in their? the answer will be an emphatic yes. Why are people poor? At a point in our life, we were all poor Homosapiens Erectus. How can one conquer poverty? Is poverty more dangerous than Ebola, AIDS, Cancers and all other diseases put together? What’s your take people?

      Instead of welfare programmes, would education and vocational training and electing good leaders reduce the global poverty index? We need to do something and do it real fast to free our people from this global disease. “Do Rich people think poor people are nuisance”? I rest my case. Welcome to

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