Breaking News: Slave trade in LIBYA 2017, is this an African problem or a global issue? Why are world leaders not talking about it?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor
      • Sincerely, this slavery activities in Libya, North Africa resulted from bad leadership in Africa and bad policies put together by world leaders toward the continent of Africa.  Common observations, revealed the epileptic reaction to bad development in any part of Africa by world leaders. Well, the African leaders themselves respond epileptically to such events in their own continent. Factually, a whole of global leaders do not care about Africa but the resources. Do you blame them? Africa leaders steal their treasuries to abyss, channel the monies to foreign banks.

      <p style=”text-align: center;”>So, the slavery market in Libya is the fallout of poor and dangerous policies by African leaders, especially Nigeria, the so called giant of the continent. It is the only country in the world, top ten oil PRODUCING nations where there is no electricity, drinking water and no good roads. In addition, their political leaders earn money than any other leaders in the world. What country on earth in this technological era would function without power, water and security?  For your information, Nigeria is one of the most educated country in the world but, with the highest unemployed graduate population.  Would you blame the world for this unfortunate statistics?  The leadership of Africa are to old and epileptic to modern ideas. Please, all of you should step aside for the younger and energetic generation of leaders to takeover.  Realistically, the course of this slavery in North Africa is as a result of bad leadership by the continent leaders secretly, fuelled by mean global actors. Your cerebral?  Welcome to</p&gt;

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      Okpako Nana

      Slavery in Libya North Africa in this new age is not just absurd but barbaric. The slavery in Libya has exposed the incapability and ineptitude of the Africa leaders. Africa have the most myopic, obnoxious and selfish set of politicians, whose aim to governance is to steal money from their various countries to foreign banks in order to secure financial insurance for their fourth generation. This attributes have created a situation where Western leaders have become the real owners of the Africa resources while the Africa people are left with crumbs. World leaders do not bother to talk about it because they are benefiting from the situation.This is a huge problem and it is an obvious shift from the good governance from the medieval age to the corrosive one of this age. I believe it’s an African problem, so we have to deal with it.

      African leaders, Nigeria in particular,  who claim to be the giant of Africa have failed in job creation, youth empowerment, poverty eradication, infrastructural development, power, water supply and so on. This has prompted our youths who are tired of this situation to go elsewhere just to survive. However, those who portray the same traits with our politicians resort to arm robbery, fraud, kidnapping and all kinds of horrible crimes. Apparently, our leaders selfish attitude is the reason for the problem African youths are facing now.

      The leadership style and structure in Africa, Nigeria in particular, is breeding numerous form of crimes on a daily basis. Nigeria is a known world oil and gas country and there is absolutely nothing to show for it. Furthermore, it’s pathetic to know that Nigeria Senators are the highest paid legislators all over the World. It’s about time the youths take the Bull by the horn. It has happened in Egypt, Tunisia and even Libya. Nigeria youths  should start attack of bad policies on social media and ensure they detrone  this obnoxious and selfish politicians come 2019. It is also imperative for World leaders to form a formidable coalition in this regard in order to ensure a peaceful coexistence and sustain the protection of fundamental human rights of all and sundry .

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      Ed NEdewor

      The Libya’s situation is the collusion between poverty and money, resulting in an illegal and heartless re-activation of slave trade in Africa.  Practically, it is an abomination but, a true revelation of decline in our moral. Truly, cash and material wealth has eclipsed our vision and totally destroyed our love and care for fellow human. There is enough blame to diffuse around but, this moment must be that of remedy. Factually, the world is spinning out of its axis and heading towards a total disaster. The outcome will be total annihilation of both poor and rich Homo Sapiens bipedalist. Stop the poverty, stop the oppression, stop the inequality, stop the racism, stop the social stratification and phenomenon of dominance, stop the social injustice and all other vices. Obviously, there are too many ignorant people in leadership positions around the world.  In addition, corruption is the driver of  all these space crafts. I  rest my fingers .

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