China is about to invest $400B in IRAN, is this an ominous signal to the United states? Should America disintegrate this romance?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      World power is not a privilege of one nation. Evidentially, Egypt, Ethiopia, Turkey, Greece, and so forth were all world power at a point in history and human civilization. But, power come and go, the world remains the same. Now, China is closing down on America, I feel them flexing their muscles right in the face of the United States.

      Sadly, America is going through a Tsunami, the democracy is on a 24/7 drips. Obviously, this is the handy work of president Trump who refused to be advised against the U.S. adversaries. He is constantly in romance with president Putin of Russia, he has added another paraphernalia to his fleet of dictators, the president of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. Straight to the point, China investing $400B in Iran is a red flag of covert and overt plot against America. Totally, I am against war of any form and shape, but, America must find a lasting panacea to this growing monster. Your thought? Welcome to

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      Okpaks nana

      History has recorded past world powers rise and fall. In recent time, the United States of America is considered a major world power. But the covert affair between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is gradually corroding the democratic structure and framework of moral values in the United States. As it is, United States is at the verge of losing its world status.

      Apparently, China is one country that is putting America on the hot seat. They are investing heavily on developing countries to mortgage the future of these countries. China have a plan and they are gradually gaining ground to control the world in the nearest future. Is China really at the verge of investing $400B on Iran?

      Sincerely, if China is serious about this kind gesture, then America will have to watch their back because China is up to something. However, the United States doesn’t need to disintegrate their romance with Iran or engage themselves in any form of confrontation. America must try to resolve this impasse amicably to avoid war…..


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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      Amidst historic U.S. – Iran tensions, Beijing is doubling-down on its strategic partnership with Tehran, ignoring U.S. efforts to isolate the Islamic Republic from global markets. Following an August visit by Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to Beijing, the two countries agreed to update a 25-year program signed in 2016, to include an unprecedented $400 billion dollars in the Iranian economy – sanctions be damned.

      The capital injection, which would focus on Iran’s oil and gas sector, would also be distributed across the country’s transportation and manufacturing infrastructure. In return, Chinese firms will maintain the right of the first refusal to participate in any and all petrochemical projects in Iran, including the provision of technology, systems, process ingredients and personnel required to complete such projects. This comes at a time when Washington is exerting its so-called ‘maximum pressure’ strategy against Iran, which aims to change its international behavior by bringing oil exports down to zero.

      Given Iran’s precarious geopolitical and geo-economic position, it has little choice but to forge a closer relationship with China, despite the country’s reputation as a predatory lender. Russia, too, is a major Iranian partner, weapons and nuclear, rocket, and military technology supplier.Overall, this may not prove a financially sound endeavor by Beijing, as Chinese companies will come under U.S. sanctions – but it may end up as a shrewd geostrategic play by both parties.

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      Ed NEdewor

      China is a joke, their citizens covertly aided by their government is oxygenating massive corruption and cover up in Africa. America must keep her focus and attention on China 24/7.

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