If the citizens of countries infested with corrupt leaders synthesized the habit of beating up their bad and rogue leaders, would they change? Why or why not?

Home Forums If the citizens of countries infested with corrupt leaders synthesized the habit of beating up their bad and rogue leaders, would they change? Why or why not?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Amb. Temitope Omotayo

      I think it is a good idea because evil trumps in the society because people look helpless and do nothing about it so since there is no law to hold our rulers accountable, I feel people may need to act just to restore normalcy.  I believe the Ekweremadu treatment will help in reminding the rulers that it is not going to be business as usual so they need to act right .


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      Ed NEdewor

      Greed and hate are Siamese twins that man must dare and fight to keep generation going. Unfortunately, both of these monsters are ubiquitous and growing at an exponential rate.  Bad politicians and leaders are key and lock perfect definition of this phenomenon. Empirically, bad leadership have infested Nigeria and other countries around the globe. The issues of insecurity, health care, power/electricity, water, infrastructures, and so forth continue to plague many nations.

      In the midst of all these problems, their leaders live like kings, Queens and Emperors. Majority of them lack sense of purpose and direction for the country they are elected to pilot the affairs. In short, they have no plans in place to improve the quality of life of the masses. Besides, they have devalued the education sector beyond abyss, they send their kids overseas to get better and uninterrupted education while the poor kids are constantly dealing with shutdown schools. Literally, this propagation of hold down syndrome, phenomenon of dominance and social stratification . How long shall we continue to bath in abject poverty? Now, most of the rogue and corrupt politicians and leaders travel to developed countries for their healthcare and receive the best services.  Meanwhile, the electorates are dealing with little or no healthcare and all sorts of untold hardship back home in their countries.  Obviously, some the citizens in diaspora who visit home frequently have had enough, they resolved to deal with this situation in the language all these zoo groups understand, whip their ikebe (behind). Senator Ekweremadu just had a first class experience of it in Germany. May be, this will be the genesis of the paradigm shift.  I rest my fingers. Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com .

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      Okpako NanaOkpaks nana

      Corruption is a cankerworm that has eaten deeply into the fabrics of many developing nations. This vice has drastically limited the upward mobility of the affected nations. Regrettably, leaders that are supposed to be custodian of the law have shamelessly indulge themselves in this unholy practice without considering the colossal damage it will subject their countries to. Obviously, this is a pathetic phenomenon that needs to be tackled with immediate alacrity.

      Africa as a focal point of this catastrophic phenomenon is regularly breeding leaders and politicians whose aim is to corrode every existing moral and progressive legal framework. In addition, political leaders of this continent deliberately loot the common patrimony of their country and live in stupendous luxury. They use tax payers money to send their children and families abroad to access world class education and medical care. In Nigeria especially, bad and corrupt leaders milk the nation’s resources dry in order to leave the education, healthcare, electricity, security and infrastructure in deplorable condition. While they travel abroad for quality healthcare and live in luxury over there.

      The famous abuse on Senator Ekweremadu in Germany recently, is a pointer to the fact that politicians need to wake up to their civic responsibility or face the beating of the citizens. Bad and rogue leaders will be complacent when they are not questioned or challenged. Therefore, all the corrupt Politicians should remain in their various countries to fix the mess they have created. Maybe regular beating of politicians will make them retract their steps. Sincerely, the masses of countries infested with bad and rogue leaders must continue to device means to oust these criminal minded leaders….



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