College football and basketball players bring huge amounts of money into schools yearly, but only a small percentage of them make it to pro level. Should they receive a salary to benefit from their hard work?

Home Forums Ongoing Debates College football and basketball players bring huge amounts of money into schools yearly, but only a small percentage of them make it to pro level. Should they receive a salary to benefit from their hard work?

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      Ed NEd N

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      Ed NEdewor N

      Yes, college basketball and football players and other athletes should be paid considering the humongous amount of money they generate,and jobs they create annually for these schools. According to a collaboratively produced report by the national college players association and Drexel University sport management(, college basketball and football generate $6BILLION annually(2012). From an economist point of view, the reward for land is rent, capital is interest, entrepreneurship is profit and of course WAGE is for LABOR. What percentage of these extremely hard working students make it to PRO? How many of them study courses that are in high demand in the society? Think about it!

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      Yes,certain amount should be paid to the college basketball, football players and other athletes as salary, apart from the scholarship being given to them.For the fact that not all of them make it to PRO,the salary will go a long way helping those who could not make it to PRO,or not finding job or employment after school to set up a small scale business for themselves.

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      Dr Njwen

      “Yes, they should be given salary. Considering how much these athletes bring to each university and the relative danger they are exposed to, in my opinion, it is only fair that they get compensated. In addition, they should receive full reimbursement for tuition and living expenses in what ever course((law degree, Ph.D. degree, medical school etc) they choose to study after undergraduate degree, if they do.”

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      We all know that the college sports brings humongous amount of money to the schools, and it’s mostly the players of the sports that are squeezing the money into the organization. People have always wanted the players to be considered employees, so the players can be getting paid due to the amount the schools are making. Schools have also opposed that the players get their share by not paying tuition, dorm fees and feeding. Even when most college student don’t make it to pro, some business and large organization do hire them as long as they have a sport played in college on their resume. There are so many opportunities laid out there for college students, that’s why I think there shouldn’t get paid. The chances out there getting a job for a college student with a business degree and any kind of sport in which they participated on their resume, is better than that of a college student with just a business degree. It’s just obvious, because you know who was more active during their college life. For example, the Enterprise car renting organization do hire a lot of college students. I know this because I’ve seen the ad come on so many times on television.

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      OMW, i thought they did. This is shockin to me. Thanks for this information.
      They should definately be paid. geez.
      That will be motivation for them, these games bring in so much money. Them not receiving a salary is kind of like expoitation in some way.

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      Yes, they should receive some additional compensation for actively playing college sports; I agree it should be tied in with their scholarships, free room & board. They are sacrificing their bodies in every sport, hitting hard, running even harder, sustaining injuries that they may never fully recover from and then to not make it to the pros, OUCH now your dealing with the mindset of any individual who’s played hard and has little to nothing to show for their efforts- sound like the onset of depression/ alcohol & drug abuse. How about some long term mental and physical therapy to go along with the potential rejection from the pros. Absolutely these students should be compensated in some way other than a mere thank you for all you’ve done! We know the universities make millions off the students on every season invest back into the students, lead and guide them to bigger and better opportunities.

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      Ed NEdewor

      Rane, since popped this debate question, the incentives for college athletes is better with some form of salary. At least , that is a turning and we need to debate on more sensitive issues to improve quality of lives and better our society. These kids bring in billions of dollars yearly and very few of them make it to pro level, the return for labor is wage from economic point of view. A man who works hard in his life must live a better. Your thoughts?

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      Sure, these kids should be paid considering the amount of money they generate annually. Besides, most of them will not make it to the professional level. Some may get injured and that is the end of their dreams. They need something to fall back on incase of unforeseen event.

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      Ed NEdewor

      Michael, men exploit others to succeed pretending to be helping them. Obviously, that is the situation in the universities and colleges sport in the United States of America; these young men and women haul in over 6BILLION DOLLARS annually but walk away without nothing. Furthermore, some walk away with career ending injuries and no diploma. What a tragedy? But, there is hope. Following  posting of this crucial debate question for the public opinion, actions have been taken by some of the universities or the sporting body to give stipends to the Athletes. Your opinion is always welcomed for continual education/entertainment of the public. Welcome to

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