Could Coronavirus (Covid-19) be the Third World War (TWW) that various people have been worried about? If poorly managed, could it decimate the world population by 5%?

Home Forums Could Coronavirus (Covid-19) be the Third World War (TWW) that various people have been worried about? If poorly managed, could it decimate the world population by 5%?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      The whole world is submerged in various forms of crises. Year in year out, monsters of different magnitude and configuration infest our peaceful universe with specificity on planet earth. Lately,  viruses are leading the offence against mankind. Based on conspiracy theories, these monsters are created in the laboratory; during movement or transportation, a vial might have disintegrated spilling out disasters.

      The aftermath is the annihilation of innocent and defenseless human beings and animals. Mythically, these group of blood tasty monsters are not investigated and subjected to the full and long arm of the law. From my side of the prism, a lot of the presidents of various countries are leading with their own covert agenda. Furthermore,  World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (U.N.) are not functional or not in line with their guidelines of operation.

      Obviously, if the whole world addressed this humongous conundrum at a snail’s pace, it will expand its menacing index to a full blown third world war classification. Revealingly, the third world war will not be the traditional war that are parents are used to but, few vials of biological weapons released into a society, or a country or a region of the world. The outcome is the mass murder of men, women and children and animals because of few insane Homo sapiens bipedalist.  This psychotic evolution must be curtained at once. Metrically, coronavirus is erupting very fast into a world war status. Do you like what you see and hear about covid-19 containment plans? I rest my fingers and my firing cerebral.  Welcome to

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      Okpako Nanaokpaks nana

      World leaders are struggling to curb genocide, terrorism, rape, robbery, murder, fraud, corruption and other forms of crimes numerous to mention. Unfortunately, the crave for dominance and acquisitiveness have elevated to an unimaginable and catastrophic level. They  have created a monstrous virus to put the world under control. Coronavirus have the temerity to annihilate the entire globe without a wink.

      Sincerely, this is the Zenith of evil and if nothing is done about this demons, I’m sorry, the world will have to get use to this irritating lifestyle created by blood sucking demons. What is the stand of world leaders on this? Has WHO instituted action to unveil those behind this agenda aimed at tearing apart or eradicating the entire world? What about the U. N, would they keep watching hundreds die in the name of Covid 19? These monsters has turn the world to a mysterious dungeon where almost every nation is stocked at the moment. Health workers are running on their toes to find a lasting cure. Palpable fear of the virus is just as deadly as the virus itself.

      Seriously, the pace at which world leaders, United Nations and World Health Organization handle this virulent virus will determine how long it will stick around. Frankly, nobody have an insight of how the expected third world war will look like. Could it still come in form of the conventional war or in form of biological weapons as we are experiencing now? If the appropriate bodies fail to manage this daring virus with automatic alacrity, then, we may just have the third world war right in our hands. Foresighted leaders and authorities need to swing into investigation and subsequently curtail this wide dogs from the mass killing of children, men and women. The excruciating death rate recorded so far by this virulent virus is alarming. It has affected businesses and slowing down economic growth at the moment. And it’s still penetrating the world quickly like a wide fire. This isn’t right to see at all.

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