Can Coronavirus infect babies in their mothers’ wombs?

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      There are numerous narratives that the children in their mothers’ wombs can be infected with a virus. A solid example is HIV with serious campaign that if one of the parents is HIV positive, the baby may be infected. But, coronavirus is quite new; there are no sufficient information to conclude that it can infect a baby in her mother’s womb. At the ┬ásame token, one must be careful to avoid any thing that can infect the baby while in the womb.

      So, should one stop having sex with his pregnant woman until more facts emerged? Also, could the virus be transferred via human saliva? Well, we must take precautionary measures to curtail spreading. Suggestively, people who tested positive should use condom to make love to their pregnant wife(wives). What should people who tested positive do regarding kissing? Reasonably, they should suspend kissing until the coast is cleared. Once their doctor certified them free of coronavirus, kissing and other husband and wife activities can start in earnest.

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      Okpako Nanaokpaks nana

      Factually, it’s unknown whether Covid-19 can transmit from a mother to her baby in the womb. Covid-19 is one virus scientist and health workers are having sleepless nights to comprehend. Some are looking for the antidote while others are searching for the permanent cure. This virus is a respecter of nobody. As it stands, the so called super powers, the rich, poor and the influentials are all scared to death. It has practically grounded everything that has to do with humanity. And it just can’t stop killing innocent people. Thanks to some myopic and lukewarm world leaders that handled the pandemic with kid gloves initially.

      Presently, there is currently no evidence that the pregnant women infected with Coronavirus are at an increased risk of miscarriage or that the virus can pass to a developing fetus while a woman is pregnant. On my little research so far, I captured one very small study, published in The Lancet on February 12, looked at nine Coronavirus positive pregnant women in their third trimester in the Wuhan region of China – the original epicentre of the outbreak and found no evidence that the virus was transferred from mother to the fetus. However, a mother can transfer it to her new born baby after her birth through the common way of contaminating others. As bad as it is, the world is yet to know so much about the virus because all minds are geared towards finding either an antidote or a cure. No doubt, the ongoing development have shrinked the globe to one small village. I wish all the scientist globally the best in their sojourn for a permanent cure….


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