Are the Coronavirus testing kits a hoax? Can’t different nations show us how their testing kits look like?

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      Ed NEdewor

      There has been many discussions about coronavirus testing kits. But, no one has been able to show me one of these testing tools. We are living in an evidence based generation. Where are the coronavirus testing equipment,  can one nation boldly show me one?

      Honestly,  the handling of this virus pandemic by many nations, especially the United states of America is an abysmal failure. These group of leaders will tell us that they are the most advanced on earth. Majority of their approaches are nebulous laden with umbra. This is a revelation that most of the world leaders are either in state of utter confusion or they do not have the cerebral fortitude to deal this conundrum.

      Usually, at the time of national or global crises, good leaders let go their political divisions; bring together all the brains to figure out a lasting panacea. Unfortunately,  it took president Trump of the United states almost forever to agree with the democrats. For God’s sake,  this is an emergency; there is no room for iconoclastic behavior. Conclusively,  it behooves all nations to show all of us their testing tools utilized in diagnosing coronavirus.  Empirically,  this will build up confidence in every citizen. I rest my cerebral! Welcome to

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      Okpako Nanaokpaks nana

      Most countries claimed to have invested on research in order to annihilate the deadly Covid-19. So far, no Nation have revealed its testing tools. For God sake, this is a global pandemic. Why are they hiding the testing tools to the public? This isn’t the time to exercise lopsided political agenda to attend to global emergency. The world is waiting and something need to be done really fast.

      Apparently, no inroad made by any country in finding a lasting solution to this deadly scourge. Frankly, all efforts have been futile as far as I’m concern in the fight against Covid-19. Honestly, leaders globally are clueless and confused. They are yet to come up with a robust plan to abruptly eradicate this scourge.

      Logically, the World Health Organization (WHO) which is an organ of the United Nations (UN) must demand for global release of various Nations testing tools to ensure transparency. This is a global emergency and it must be treated as such. Preferably, all national health bodies must align with WHO to share professional ideas and come up with a formidable plan to end this pandemic. Leaders all over the world should collectively tackle this menace irrespective of race, political affiliation and social status. The entire world is fighting a common war. Obviously, the world need unity in purpose to win the war….

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