Is the crashed airplane from Iran to Kiev yesterday brought down by enemy fire? Or is this another inefficiency by embattled Boeing corporation of America?

Home Forums Is the crashed airplane from Iran to Kiev yesterday brought down by enemy fire? Or is this another inefficiency by embattled Boeing corporation of America?

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      When an accident occurs there are bound to be various suspicions and speculations. The crash of the Kiev bound plane was not exempted. Many people thought it was an enemy fire from America or friend of the United States. But, it was a friendly fire from Iran that killed the 176 individuals on board the airline. Either way, this is the fall out from president Trump’s administration killing of General Qassem Soleimani.

      The Iranian defense unit is very paranoid, wired up waiting for anything from America; mistakenly fired a missile downing the passenger airliner. The blood of these people are obviously on the head of the genesis of this crisis. There are better ways to deal with volatile situations in human history. Never a time has  war resolved any issue but, the destruction of human lives, properties and the ecosystems. At the end, the leaders will have to come to a round table to resolve their differences.

      Why didn’t they come to a round table before the commencement of hostility? War in any form and shape is dictatorial and inimical to humanity. Sincerely, wars should be banished from our societies. Empirically, weapons and war and money combined have been ruling the world. Truly, this approach to human problem solving equation was wrong yesterday, wrong today and will be wrong tomorrow. Besides, the only good news about this sad event is that Boeing was not at fault. Let us allow peace and love to saturate this world for all of us and generation yet unborn.

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      Okpako Nanaokpaks nana

      Every plane crash is always followed up with thorough investigation. Especially, when human lives are involved in the inferno. Just before the truth began to unfold, many including me, thought it was another Boeing inefficiency. Little did we know it was the ballistic missiles launched from Iran directed towards American troop in Baghdad. Unfortunately, it mistakingly blasted the plane conveying passengers to Kiev. What an erroneous effort from the Iranian military.

      Honestly, the Iranians weren’t happy to have lost their powerful general in the fallout with the U.S (Donald Trump). They actually promised America of revenge after General Qasem Suleimani was assassinated by the U. S troop in Baghdad. Anger doesn’t bring anything good, Trump should have applied wisdom in handling this impasse. Unfortunately, he’s not a great thinker. Trump is the originator of this whole crisis, therefore, the blood of the 176 innocent passengers that was killed in the crash are on his head.

      Finally, Iran should be more careful next time. Why will they allow an airline to fly when they knew they were launching a ballistic missiles on their enemies that day? It was actually a massive error from Iran. Apparently, the U.S and Iran must learn from this devastating outcome. Peace is the only panacea to mutual existence and upward mobility. May the U. N and world powers do everything possible to eradicate war from every part of the Earth.

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