Would the disintegration of Nigeria into four nations solve its political, ethnic and religion divides imbroglio?

Home Forums Would the disintegration of Nigeria into four nations solve its political, ethnic and religion divides imbroglio?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      I believe this suggestion has its pros and cons. It is important to first note that before the country “Nigeria” was formed through the process of amalgamation, many of the states and ethnic groups were sovereign and independent ‘states’ on their own. There was strong unity and there were still interactions with other ethnic groups due to trade purposes and marriage.

      However, the forceful unification of all these once independent nations to form one country, seems to be the genesis of the downfall of the country, Nigeria. It has led to great exploitation, division and lack of cooperation among the ethnic groups… which were further divided into states. How can we be a country but yet, there’s great ethnic discrimination among us. We have “majority” and minorities. This is unfair. it’s dissolution won’t totally solve it but it will be a start

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      Okpaks nana

      Nigeria isn’t the first country with diverse culture and religion that was amalgamated. Every country have its ups and downs but why is the union called Nigeria isn’t working?. Nations are amalgamated sometimes to be United and powerful. The reunion of Eastern and Western Germany is a testimony to this fact. Evidentially, Nigeria as a Nation worked when it was first an independent state and a republican state. Nigeria became a loose Nation when tribalism, nepotism and favoritism became a parameter for governance.

      This kind of mindset destroyed the framework of political leadership and service delivery. In addition, it led to the horrific civil war Nigerians experienced in the past. And this contributed immensely to the division and hate experienced in this country today. And the way politicians abuse power just makes the citizens get irritated.

      Though Nigeria was forcefully joined as a Nation but that doesn’t mean we can’t work out the modalities to be a great nation. Will the splitting of Nigeria into four solve the political conundrum experienced by this country? Nigeria is a complex nation that require the wisdom and competence of political leaders to solve this impasse. Unfortunately, politicians are dividing the country the more with the way  they are playing politics.

      That has given raise to agitations for sovereign Nation. Can Nigeria be better when it’s divided? The bitter truth is, Nigeria cannot get better for now even if it’s divided. What Nigeria want to be great, is make politics unattractive in order for the masses to take over governance. There are also people who are working against the unity of Nigeria. The citizens of this great nation must try to forget the past and learn how to tolerate each other to ensure peace and tranquility. God bless Nigeria.

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