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      A lot of people think they are GOD but the best they can achieve is small letter God spelled god. The list of such confused individuals include but limited to Emperors, Kings, some religion leaders, Dictators, Colonial masters, Invaders, Slave Masters, a few Multimillionaires and Billionaires, Some Non democratic countries leaders and so on and so forth. The channel of human history is ladden with so many men who tried so hard to play the role of God and all failed. Is this an uncontrolled ambition or mental health problem? If men come in cntact physically with GOD would they plan to overthrow Him from the Seat of the Omni potent, Omni science, Omni all in all? If GOD revealed the secret of Birth and Death to man one day, would he wipe out all the “weakest Link”?

      Would all these groups of people trying to play GOD role or thinking they are GOD……both past and present be punished by GOD and the curse extra-polated to their generations both born and unborn? Did GOD really create all men equal? Then why all these discrepancies in wealth, quality of lives, knowledges, heights, physical appearances, leadership quality etc……….? Did GOD really create all men equal or it is just “a pacifier” invented by men in order to control the people? Welcome to

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