Due to massive executions by the Royal family in Saudi Arabia, should the country be striped of its “holy’ title? Why or why not?

Home Forums Due to massive executions by the Royal family in Saudi Arabia, should the country be striped of its “holy’ title? Why or why not?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      Saudi Arabia leaders have nebulous and vampire behavior. They choke and strangulate free Press. In addition, they murder a lot of innocent individuals.

      Seriously, they should be stripped of the Holy Land. There is nothing holy about their leadership. Muslims all over the world should boycott the ” holy land” until they figure out the killers amongst them. America and the rest of the world should severe ties with them until they imbibed free of speech and stop the massive executions.

      For Allah’s sake, we are in 2019 and there is no room for medieval behavior. Those who dine and romance with them will not escape the wrath of God. This group of royal family should be disbanded because, they are not serving the citizens but oppress them continually. There is no land ruled by a dictator that is holy in any facet of human civilization. Your sincere opinion. Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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      Okpako NanaOkpaks nana

      Saudi Arabia is a country where billions of Muslims all over the world go in droves to observe their annual “holy hajj”and prayers. This Nation is revered by Muslims as the most holiest amongst other Nations. But how holy is this country? Where women are not allowed to walk the street until midnight? How holy are they? When they regularly violate the fundamental human rights of their citizens. A supposedly holy Nation that is dictatorial and callous is up to something.

      Unfortunately, the Saudi Royal family are totalitarians and inhuman whose leadership style is obsolete and do not conform to modern leadership ideology. Evidence abound that every gruesome and extra judicial killings has been traced to this mindless group of people. They strangle the press and restrict freedom of speech, movement and association. Additionally, they oppress and murder innocent citizens in broad daylight. Obviously, they are enemies of the modern democracy.

      Finally, there is nothing holy about this group of royal family. They should be striped off their holy status and also be excommunicated from every global union, pending when they adhere to the total universal declaration of rights adopted in 1948 by the United Nations. Moreover, every Nation that have bilateral ties with then, should terminate it and Muslims worldwide should boycott the “holy hajj” to force a positive change on them. They have done enough damage as a result of their mischievous, inhuman and obsolete leadership. Therefore, the UN and the entire world shouldn’t wait for an holocaust to occur before they take appropriate action. I rest my case….


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