Is food a human right? Should it be or not?

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      We all need food as fuel to our bodies to survive and do things. There is enough food in the world to take care of everyone on planet earth but, in the hands of few people and nations. It hurts me mentally and physically when the have throw away tons of food while so many people around the globe go to bed on empty stomachs. Is this wickedness or just devilish oppression? Should food be classified as human right or not?

      This is a vital question that needs responses from both sides of the human spectrum. Evidence abound that food is a human right. Therefore, is food a human right in Africa and other poor parts of the world? The answer is not far fetched, dictators and pseudo democratic nations loot their treasuries to abyss……leaving poor and vulnerable people to starve to death. Obviously, corruption in the leadership enclaves of numerous countries, especially in Africa exacerbates hunger and deprive many citizens from enjoying pertinent critical infrastructures. Is this problem perennial or could it end anytime soon?

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      Fejiro AghaFejiro

      The right to food protects the right of all human beings to be free hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. The right to food does not imply that governments has an obligation to give free food to everyone who wants it, or a right to be fed. However, if people are deprived of access to food for reasons beyond their control, for example, because they are in detention, in times of war or after natural disasters, the right requires the government to provide food directly. This implies that states must never arbitrarily prevent people from having access to food. Therefore, the government should take measures to ensure that enterprises or individuals do not deprive individuals of their access to adequate food.

      Conclusively, I believe the governments must pro-actively engage in activities intended to strengthen people’s access to and utilization of resources and means to ensure their livelihood, including food security. If, for reasons beyond their control such as at times of war or after a natural disaster, groups or individuals are unable to enjoy their right to food, then states have the obligation to provide that right directly

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      Ed NEdewor

      There are numerous issues and challenges coexisting with man right from creation. Outstandingly, food is one of them, many cases of famine were codified in the Holy Bible. There are preponderance of statistics and empirical bundles of facts and evidence that humankind has been devastated by lack of food. As I am debating this crucial and ubiquitous conundrum, many children, men and women went to bed last night without food in their stomach. This monster terrorizes people in under developed, developing and advanced nations alike.

      But, there is a marked dichotomy in the percentages of manifestations in various geographical locations around the globe. Why are there scarcity of foods around the world? Could it be due to bad leadership or it’s just a natural phenomenon? With that being said, we were created to be our sisters and brothers keepers. Therefore, food must be clearly classified as human right in all cardinal zones of the globe. Obviously, social stratification and phenomenon of dominance drove us to where we are today. There are few exceptions to this narrative; there are just some few individuals who want to live on handouts and others want to defined as scions. Truly, these people need help to rise up to the challenges of out time.

      The ways and manners leaders all of the world address hunger problems is very troubling. The rich nations and individuals throw away food in tons while men, women, children and the old and weak are starving to death. This problem must be brought to the notice of the United Nations (U.N.) and all other bodies vested with the responsibility of ensuring people do not go to bed daily on empty stomach. We all need food to live and do some good things. Every human being is created by the supreme being and deserves a better quality of life. I rest my narrative. Welcome to

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