If your girlfriend or boyfriend abandoned you to marry your best friend, will you attend the wedding ceremony? Why or why not?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      I may not attend the wedding depending of the terms on which we broke up especially if it happens a few months or just a year after. If we didn’t part ways mutually and amicably, and he goes to marry my best friend, it means they were probably already dating while we were together. And as for the best friend, there will obviously be a rift between us, probably caused by betrayal or resentment. There is no way that we will be best friends after that so I’ll not torture myself by going to a wedding of a guy I had strong feelings for,marrying someone I used to be close to.

      On the other hand, if we did part ways amicably and they invite me for their wedding, I’ll definitely go because I’m sure I have no residual feelings for the guy. I have no right to ban my friend from marrying  my ex or say because I dated him first,she can’t do the same. So in this case, I’ll definitely go and be genuinely happy for the couple .


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      Ed NEdewor

      In every part of the globe, people get involved in romantic relationship. The longevity and life span of any relationship between a male and female are influenced by multiple overt and covert factors. Therefore, a high numeral of relationship are bound to fail shortly after establishment or later.

      Concisely, the making and breaking up of a male and female relationship is ubiquitous. But, if I am dating a girl and the relationship crumbled, we tried to reconcile it….. didn’t work; then, life goes on. Maturely, both of us will drift apart amicably. Practically, when relationship fall apart; some wounds are created and scars are left behind mentally. Some people hold on to it forever. Either way, if I  broke up with a woman and she fall in love with my best friend that grows to marriage ……. no hard feelings. Obviously, if she has enough courage to invite me to their wedding; I will show up. Peacefully, I will contact my friend to confirm if he approved of it.

      Openly, I will celebrate and jubilate with them if she was an irritant to my soul. Furthermore, I will buy them a humongous gift for the rescue service carried out by my best friend. Also, I will wish them a strong union for him to have a taste of what I experienced. Your cerebral?  Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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