Why is global Terrorism rising again? Is Terrorism fuelled by bad government, poverty and Religion?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      In human history, terrorism is synonymous and ubiquitous with all civilization. An expanded definition of terrorism encompasses slavery, colonization, raping, illegal territorial occupation, robbery and stealing of humongous natural resources and piracy. Now, the modern terrorism is carried with highly weaponized  devices resulting in mass murder.

      In addition, modern terrorism can be expanded to include social media terrorism, online extortion terrorism and sanctioning terrorism. Evidentially, bad governments, poverty and Religion are multiple visas to terrorism. Bad leaders terrorize their own people, some terrorize their neighbors and other weaker nations within their radius. Furthermore, religion layered with ignorance breed and disperse terrorism. Terrorism in any part of the globe is a threat to human civilization and a monster that must be annihilated. But, every smoke and burning fire has a source(s); therefore the primary causes of this machination must be completely extinguished. Your opinions? Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      Most times when we hear terrorism, what often comes to mind is Islamic radicals and middle eastern country citizens. This stereotype is wide spread across the word such that it has led to mass discrimination against a particular religion or race. However, it is important to note that Muslims or Arabs are not the only perpetrators of this great evil.

      Terrorism can be defined as the use or threat of violence to further political, religious, and ideological beliefs. Personally, I think most global terriosim are religious and politically/ socially driven. It is important to remember that religions themselves do not cause terrorism. Religious terrorists may use terrorism to punish what they see as ‘ungodly’ behaviour in society, or to avenge what they perceive as attacks on their beliefs.
      Religious terrorism is not always about one faith attacking another. Divisions between Protestant and Catholic Christians or Shia and Sunni Muslims have also lead to terrorist attacks through the ages.eg The September 11 twin bombing in America

      As for social and political terrorism, some people turn to terrorism when they are trying to tackle what they perceive as social injustice. Terrorists acting on this basis may believe that they have been stripped of something they feel entitled to such as certain rights, land or possessions. Or due to the bad governance in the society, then few individuals take matters into their hands and retaliate with violence which often gets out of hand.Sometimes poverty can drive people to terrorism. It is believed that people in these situations may be more susceptible to recruitment by organisations using terrorist tactics.

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      Every human wants a comfortable life. Obviously, that is not asking for too much. The society around us is constantly undergoing a change, any change cost more money and anxiety to individual or a family. But, wages are not growing at the same pace. The rich and the government are exploiting the poor in every facet of the society. They do not consult with the middle class or the poor before fixing prices on all services and consumable.

      As a result, there is economic polarization that favors the rich. Who consume all the goods and services? We do not need any rocket scientist to figure out the answer……. the poor! Seriously, this kind of classification into poor and rich in societies across the globe is a recipe for terrorism. The young poor boys and girls can easily be lured into nefarious activities that are detrimental to any society. The main solution is for the leaders to go back to a round table talk, come out with a lasting panacea to savage the deteriorating world.

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