What are the High and Low events of 2019 from your side of the prism?

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      Ed N
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      Every calendar year, both good and bad things happen in societies across the globe. These are not limited to Africa but, also found in Asia, America , Europe and other continents in the world. Okay! let’s be specific about some the pertinent lows of 2019: The caging of little harmless children in the border between Mexico and the United States by president Trump; the killing of Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi Arabia’s royal family; the illegal collection of taxes by France from 14 African countries post colonization(revealed and confirmed); the Fulani herds killing of innocent citizens and destruction of farm lands, without reaction from president Buhari of Nigeria and the last but not the least, BREXIT.

      On the other hand, a lot of good stuff or high events took place as well: the impeachment of president Trump; the killing of the ISIS leader; the release of Sowore from Nigeria’s prison; the formation of the ECO currency in West Africa(I hope they manage it well) and the transformation of the world into a small village through internet and other technologies. The rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to help improve the quality of life in every nation on Earth. In addition, the humongous evidence supporting the claim that climate change is not a hoax. There are so many things that other debaters can include in their responses and opinions may vary.

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      Life events are evolutionary without ending. Some are good while others are bad. The year 2019 was loaded with both classifications. The lows of 2019 include but not limited to Nigeria,  a great nation without power(electricity) and security; President Trump locking up innocent kids in cages; Mr Trump squeezing foreign nations to help him dig dirt on political opponents and help him interfere with 2020 presidential election and the turbulence created by BREXIT. In addition,  the latent hatred of some white people towards minorities in America powered by president Trump.  Furthermore,  the killing of many people in Boeing’s Max accidents by bad administrative action and greed. The Republicans refusing to rebuke president Trump for committing impeachable offenses over and over again and a whole lot of other avarice.

      On the other side of the fence, there are numerous highs in the world in 2019. They include but not limited to the release of Mr Sowore and the restoration of freedom of speech and expression.  The exposition of the Frence government for covertly collecting taxes worth over 400B euros from 14 African nations annually (all former colonies of France). Besides, the freedom granted the Saudi Arabian women to start driving cars by the medieval leadership in place there. The last but not the least is the proliferation of women in the U.S. Congress.  There are other crucial highs to be listed by other debaters on  this topic. Happy new year from https://www.provocativedebate.com to all our followers and debaters.

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      okpaks nana

      Activities of life is capitulated with good and bad situations. The year 2019 is full of numerous activities, some are good while others are bad. Some of the lows of 2019 are; the caging of defenseless children and the secret conversation with foreign president to manipulate the 2020 elections all by President Donald Trump. The gruesome killing of Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi royal family. The freedom granted to Saudi women to drive in public. And of course the illegal collection of taxes worth 14billion euros from French colonies in Africa.

      On the other side of the divide, there were remarkable events recorded in the year 2019. The killing of ISIS leader by the US military, the impeachment of Donald Trump, the closing of Nigeria border which increases Nigeria annual rice production above 8 million tonnes and now make up over 50% of the Africa annual rice figure which is over 14 million tonnes and has therefore made Nigeria Africa’s highest producer of rice and the last but not the least is the endless vote of BREXIT. Honestly, there are numerous highs we cannot recall at the moment but the aforementioned are remarkable enough….

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