Exactly where are the human waste from Submarines, commercial and cruise ships disposed?

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      Sewage of ships is classed as either “Black water” (raw sewage) or “Grey Water” the latter being discharged from showers, washbasins, urinals and galleys; currently grey water may be discharged without treatment overboard, but this is likely to change in the future. The galley waste can be discharged overboard after going through a comminutor and grease trap once outside 3 miles (there is no discharge allowed within 3 miles of the coast). Outside 12 miles, cardboard and other degradable waste can be discharged. Under no circumstances is plastic to be discharged overboard anywhere in the world.Sewage on a Submarine is collected in the sanitary tanks, they hold a lot of sewage. When at sea, as operations permit, the boat will line up to blow sanitary tanks with air from one of the onboard air supplies. This sewage is blown to the open sea

      As for cruise liners,they have the water filtration systems using reverse osmosis to prepare the fresh and drinking water, to handle the human waste and disposal of soap water etc., After treating, some of the water is let into the sea and some wastage is stored in the aerobic bacteria filled tanks to be disposed of after reaching the shores.

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      Okpako Nanaokpaks nana

      Obviously, we are living in an era of severe environmental degradation or pollution. Waste are recklessly disposed by humans without  considering the grievous environmental and health implications. Now, exactly where are the human waste from submarines, commercial and cruise ship disposed? Of course, the human waste from submarines are disposed most  times without proper treatment overboard.

      In addition, commercial ships go through same unhealthy procedures while the cruise ship, human waste like urine and bath water frequently go through  some sort of treatment. However, other  waste in the cruise sewage is taken to shores to be disposed. This method has polluted the sea, earth crust and has may be caused some sort of problems to the aquatic habitats. It has obviously brought uncertainty to our environment. How long will this unhealthy conundrum persist? Time will tell….

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