If Christianity, Islamic and all other minor religions are banished for one(1) year, would the world be a better place or not?

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      Ed N
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      felix nana

      If Christianity,Islam and other religions are banished for one year,the world will be a better place.Many people use religion to intimidate,blackmail,hold down and destroy others.Religion is the strongest manipulative instrument in the world today.Although the founders of different religions meant them for peace,hijackers have used them as instruments of suppression and propaganda.They have been employed as divisive and subtractive organs to cause confussion,and create enemity even among groups,tribes,nations,siblings,mothers and fathers.So banning their practice for a year or more,will reduce acrimony,increase objectivity and reasonability.Since nothing intoxicates like religion,its adherents are mostly subjective in their views and actions.This has made the world a very dangerous place to live in today.Most wars and crises going on today have religion as undercurrent.Killings,wickedness,narrow mindedness and lopsidedness are the fallout of religions today.We can do with a try.

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      Religions from my point of view were created to instill morals and good behavior in people world wide strictly tied to the Almighty GOD. When we mention the name of God reasonable number of people will behave themselves. A mere look into the religion activities of today reveal factions here and there and franchises with the main goal of making profit. Some of them are used as breading ground for terrorists who kill innocent men, women and children going about their daily businesses.
      The big question now arise, if religions are banned for a YEAR would the world be more peaceful? My answer is an Emphatic YES. A whole lot of the religion leaders used the Name Of GOD to create fear in their followers and thereby establishing themselves as dictators. This keeps all members in their denomination or center to imbibe whatever is said as a statement coming from GOD or ALLAH or whatever title or name they call God. One of the individual responding to a question in the past opined that the religion leaders create fear in the people and they believe that thunder or some force will strike you by thinking or saying otherwise. Who should the thunder strike, the innocent followers or those bad religion leaders?
      There are still good religion leaders out there helping poor people and the needies but very few. Should government begin to check the activities of these churches, mosques etc? Is religion now a ticking time bomb compared to the past? Did God create men or Men created gods and finally God? These are all provocativedebate questions waiting for answers. Think about it?

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      Tuedon A.

      Controversy looms even within the smallest family nucleus that exists. The world would still not be a better place with the banishment of all religious groups including Islam and Christianity. There is a psychological element in us that is argumentative or controversial. It is a known fact that within the same religion or household, people still exhibit profound jealousy, envy and backbiting. These characteristics are not that of peaceful coexistence. I do not believe a society without any religion is the prescription for peace or better living. Religion is supposed to be an avenue for common understanding; beliefs and a bond of unity amongst a sect but this differ as you move from one religion to another.

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      What will fill a man’s heart or thought if a terrorist attack just happened and the perpetuator is linked to one religion? Behold, there is a reason why we call people thief, prostitute, con artist, politician etc. Consequently, if majority of violence is traced to religion fanatics; then there is need for debaters to respond to this question with varying opinions. Though, religion  has done a lot of good things around the world; they have also been linked to numerous disorderly behavior and spying and acculturation of people’s culture. Do we have a meter to measure or detect who is a good religious person? Your thoughts?

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