If Christians and Muslims intermarry, would the world be more peaceful?

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      Ed N
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      Tuedon A.

      Peace comes by love and respect for one another and not by religion. Where there is great animosity within any community, (Christian, Muslim or Hindu) there is unavoidably absence of peace. Intermarriage between Christian and Muslim is no solution for world peace. Have you ever wondered what the kids of these intermarriages do with multiple religions?

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      The world would be peaceful when people begin to understand that humans can get along if they decide to keep their religion, belief or tradition when living their homes or societies. inter marriage between Muslims and Christians wouldn’t bring peace to the world because that division will still be there. A time might come when one parent will try to enforce his/her religion on the children, and will definitely create chaos.

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      Edewor N

      Intermarriage between christians and muslims is likely to create a more peaceful world. Everyone must remember that “in-laws do not kill in-laws” in several cultures across the globe. After divorce or during the process of divorce, it could be a different story entirely. I have a lot of christians and muslims friends, they get along just fine. I have friends who are muslims and married to a christians, they reside together fine and their children do not have any problems with their parents’ religion. Is love stronger than religion or vice versa?

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      Steve ATL

      The world ought to be peaceful regardless of Muslims intermarrying Christians or not, because, there is no one religion on earth that has monopoly of violence. Peace will only be experienced when we can figure out on time that earth is a temporary home and as such have respect and value for everyone in it. Though, it wont hurt if they do.

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