If JESUS was alive and gained admission to study at Harvard University, would He take the TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE(TOEFL) or not?

Home Forums If JESUS was alive and gained admission to study at Harvard University, would He take the TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE(TOEFL) or not?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Duke Okoro

      Jesus is God the son, so he knows everything and can speak all languages hence may not be taking TOEFL

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      felix nana

      To fufil all righteousness,He will take TOEFL.Remember when grumbled against for not paying tax,He asked Peter to catch a fish,open its mouth where he will find a coin to pay tax for both of them.From which sprang the saying….’render unto Caeser what is Caeser’s and to GOD what is GOD’s

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      Ed NEdewor

      This is a very controversial one ladden with divisions from one religion group to another, hence people opinions will widely vary. Focusing on what I have ready from the holy Bible and the information that I perused from Bible scholars publications, Jesus should and must be exempted from taking TOEFL before studing at Harvard University. For those who believed in trinity, remember that Jesus is the father, the son and the holy ghost. He is the Auther of life and knowledge. Every one and each language and all inventions are all autherd from above, consequently, who in Harvard will have the effrontery to set TOEFL questions for JESUS?
      Unless, the individual(s) is not of christian faith. Do you think any christian want to be in EMMANUEL’s black book? May be a buddhist, a muslim, or atheist or whatever you belief outside christianity could take the bull by the horns. This is very provocative and controversial, do not skip it just give your opinion.

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      Tuedon A.

      Harvard, Cambridge UNIBEN and other institutions all have basic entrance requirement into their academic programs, Jesus did not consider himself higher than anyone or above established law. He demonstrated this in various chapters in the Bible. Let us make a sample withdrawal from the bible; remember in Jesus era the law requires everyone to pay tax. Jesus statement “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” is a testimony of its acceptance, respect and obedience to the law. If Harvard requires TOEFL for specific candidates and JESUS fell into that category then it is proper for Jesus to take TOEFL (HE would pass without raising a finger). Exception can be made by appropriate authority not by class presumption.

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      Ed NEdewor

      This is a good debate because people opinned their views differently. Many gave their takes that he will humble himself and take TOEFL and alluded to the fact in genesis(the Holy Bible) when he was confronted with his followers to pay tax , he ordered Peter to catch a fish pulled coin(s) out of its mouth and pay the tax. That originated the popular saying…”give what is Ceaser’s to Ceaser and God’s to God”. On the other hand, many people argued that if Jesus is the aurthur of life and knowledge….. who in Harvard university would have the nerve to question his level of understanding of English language? This is provocativedebate.com at one of its best.

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