If you have the choice, will you pick other parent(new dad and mum) to replace your biological parent?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Thoko Moyo

      LOL, no, i would never replace my parents. Even if i could.
      You know what they say, “Its better the devil you know, than the Jesus you don’t know”
      I’m good with Mr and Mrs Moyo

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      Ed NEdewor

      Emphatic NO! My parent are supreme. They are my primary teachers, protector, benevolent dictators…lol, caregivers, doctors, accountants, pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists, economists, pastors, and so forth. They are the reason why I am a doctor today. God will continuing to bless them where ever they are. Two factors determine human behavior, they are genetic and environment. My Dad and mum provided both to me and my siblings…….precious and priceless parent. They spanked me for correction(mum 90-99%) so that the police will never have the chance to weep me. Is this an abuse? Heck no! They implanted the positive thinking in me not to ever quit when times are rough and hard but to work harder and smarter and it shall be well with me. Mum and Dad……your light will shine from generation to generation without attracting a bill.

      My father once told me and my brother Phil that he will never reward us for bad behavior and of course bad grades. It was a wake up call in every facets of life and human endeavor. Do parents need a bachelor degree to good parents? My response will be no. Majority of the present educated parents’ kids are raised by strangers called baby seaters or caregivers. Is environmental factor growing at a geometric rate compare to genetic factor? Are parents too engaged with life pursuit than caring for their little ones? Is this the latent reason why this generation of kids are out of control? The debate is open folks?

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      Dr. K

      I wouldn’t mind Bill Gate and Oprah. My dad would say go ahead and replace me if you want. Just bring my own share from Bill and Oprah every month lol. Definitely not. Within the limit of human error, I am proud of myself as a child and as a responsible father of three kids. I gave my parent all the credit for what I am today.

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      Maureen Scott-Emuakpor

      I will never replace my parents because they were sincere teaching me about the truth of life using the Urhobo (Nigerian) adage, ( you whip the child with your right hand and pull him closer to you with the left hand telling him how much you love him but hate his behavior); also, using the Bible that says that you should not spare the rod and spoil the child. My parents use both methods of child rearing on me. See how I turned out. Some children see their parents as devils. This is why I will not replace my parents with the devils I do not know.

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      felix nana

      On no occasion and for whatever reason will I have wished for other parents.Every thought of my late dad brings sweet memories and sometime tears.He was the best dad ever and if there is a recurrence,I will still want him as a father.Mother is a tigress! At 92 years she spits fire still.But for her toughness,I probably would have ended up as a street boy because of my rascally nature.I never saw my parents quarrel or fight,instead they were woken up almost on daily basis to settle rifts and squabbles among other couples then.My dad married only my mum even as he could afford three or more then.On passing on 39 years ago,mum never saw a man again and has remained so.I and my siblings are better off as we don’t know how to quarrel amongst ourselves no matter the offence.I couldn’t have wished for better parents.

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      Tuedon A.

      My choice would be not to replace either of my parents. Mom was great. Despite all the challenges encountered, she thought us to be very realistic in life. Her analogy of “inequality in life” is the display of the different sizes of our fingers. For that reason, I knew I could be more knowledgeable and matured than Mr.A, who is richer than me but taller than Mr. B. This becomes a complex combination of variables as be continue this mix. My dad was an embodiment of integrity and simplicity of life. My parent would not trade or substitute me for any reason, and I would not do the same.

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