Is Democracy a Curse or a Blessing to the Nation known as Nigeria?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      Democracy by definition and dispensation suppose to be a blessing to any nation practicing it including but not limited to Nigeria in Africa. Unfortunately, by any calculation it has been a curse on a geographical location named Nigeria. Before I delve into the nucleus of this debate, this country is blessed with numerous natural resources and of course marched with human resources as well. Evidence abound that Nigerians are the most Educated Community in the United States of America(USA), but any attempt to go back home to provide a panacea to advance the human course will be met by a monster force of WMD proportion. The democratic process and practice in Nigeria is buried in corruption, rigging of elections, killing of opponents carried out by thugs and assassins, rumour of poisoning of opponents drinks and food and rituals. It is obviously a dirty game and ‘survival of the meanest’. A lot of these folks claim to be Christians and Muslims and were suppose to be peace loving Homosapiens Erectus but almost all of them have violated the TEN COMMANDMENTS multiple times……God himself can’t keep count of via his Angels.

      The Army system is crude and an army wants to assume a position of a mini god and the police force……………I am unable to come up with anything to describe their operations. The Attorney General was assassinated during President Obasanjo era and the killer is still at large. Is there any western democracy where the AG is killed and the government didn’t do anything? Is the security of a nation not a primary responsibility of the government? Which comes first, nation or religion? The turbulence and the stirrers can only be kept in order under the law, if and only if the government is responsible and functional. Do you know that in 2015 Nigerians get way below 50% of power(ELECTRICITY) per day? Is this democracy a curse or a blessing? The corruption in Nigeria has actually trickled down to the family, schools and you name it. But no matter what, the worst of the civilian government is the best of the military any where in the world. What can Nigerians all over the globe do to advance democracy and improve the quality of life of the citizens? This is crucial and everyone should contribute(including friends of Nigeria).

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      felix nana

      Once selfishness,greed and stomach infrastructure are eliminated from the polity,Democracy will thrive.There is still too much poverty,illiteracy and outright backwardness in Nigeria for democracy to get a proper foothold.There is tribalism,ethnicity and mutual suspicion leading to distrust among Nigerians.Moreover,we do not have a country yet.For now,we have the Hausa,Yoruba,Igbo,Urhobo,Ijaw,Itsekiri etc nations that have not been harnessed to be one nation.So the politics is that of divide and rule by the elite of the above nations .These elite have succeeded in dividing Nigeria into two tribes:the rich tribe and the poor tribe.When they want to loot the treasury and share positions,they stay together as the rich tribe.When they fall out of favour ,they make recourse to the poor tribe on sentimental reason of ‘I am one of you’.Hence thugs,jobbers and executioners are recruited thereby.When the poor tribe now finds out that they are being used and dumped by the rich tribe.the result is militancy,armed robbery,kidnapping and assassination.All the above make democracy stand on a wrong footing…I wont say it is a curse.With education,enlightenment and information,time will sweep all falsehood away.Democracy will then have a proper or sound footing.

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      Tuedon A.

      Democracy is a blessing to every country that has practiced democracy the right way. Mark my words “the right way”. The cornerstone of democracy is freedom. Freedom to live and let others live, Freedom to do the right thing otherwise be prosecuted to the highest degree that the law permits without any fear or favor. . Nigeria is a great country, blessed with both human and material resources. The politicians in Nigeria have really messed up the country with the exception of a few. Corruption is at a level never imagined, democratic structures are too many and are very expensive to maintain. There is total neglect and lack of planning for the next generation of Nigerian .The youth are living without a future The supplemental sources of Nigeria’s revenue built in the 60’s and 70;s are non-functional or dead due to lack of leader with foresight. The problems caused by the actors of Nigeria democracy are many but are there solutions to these problems; my answer is a bold YES. Nigerians are brilliant and have done well in the communication sector. The financial and technology sectors are quickly catching up with the world. The basic need of an average citizen – Clean water, power and light, road, food and employment are lost. Nigeria is like a man that fell from the top of the Eiffel Towers, he needs treatment for different parts of his body to survive his injuries. There is hope for Nigeria……

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      democracy is a curse

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      Ed NEdewor

      Depeding on the country, it could be a blessing or a curse. It’s sure still the best practical governing system right now.

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      Ed NEdewor

      Would you settle for any form of government other than DEMOCRACY, COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM? In addition, if you want any of the aforementioned form of government dead, list in descending order with reasons. The debate is open folks.

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      The main intent for democracy to a nation is freedom and equality amongst the masses.  It was never supposed to be a curse, but to the Nation Nigeria, it is obviously a curse. It has been twisted to be for only the upper class and the opinions of the masses are just mere whistle in the air. To a large extent, democracy is a curse to this nation for so many reasons and a few can be viewed from the aspect of Corruption (the elites devour the country’s resources for their personal satisfaction without considering the average or low class and even when the looters are caught, they always escape in the end because they’ve got power), lack of free and fair election (it’s obvious from the Buhari- Jonathan campaign.. and people felt for peace to reign in the country, Buhari had to win), lack of security (the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram are a treat to the country’s peace) and even the government cannot assure it’s citizens of total security, lack of electricity, misplaced priorities, etc. All of these and many more are obviously reasons why democracy seems like a curse to Nigeria; it’s not totally practiced and what is democracy to a nation if it’s not a government of the people,for the people and by the people?

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      Ed NEdewor

      Yvonne, you are right by defining democracy “as the government of the people by the people and for the people.” But, what is been practiced in emerging democracy in Africa and other part of the world is a pseudo democracy. It is embedded in latent dictatorship.  Thus, such act either create more problems or results in an epileptic growth in every facet of the society. Obviously, election is by selection marred with violence and outright intimidation. The outcome is a nebulous system without sense of direction and purpose. Consequently, democracy appears to be a curse and pandemic pain in the continent of Africa. Your thoughts?

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      James Melody

      democracy is a blessing and not a curse

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      James Melody

      democracy is a blessing because the opinion of the people are always put into consideration, the right of the minority are expressed, the people can be free to choose or elect their own representatives

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      Democratic is a curse to nigerian

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      Ismail Iliyas Ningi

      Democracy is a curse to nigerian as result of in-equality leaders

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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      Democracy is a system of government where the people get to elect a leader for themselves. In Nigeria I’ll say democracy is both a blessing and a curse! The foundational aim of democracy is to give everyone an opportunity to express their preferred choice of leader, and in the end, the majority votes wins.

      Somehow in a Nigeria, the people have managed to twist and turn the main aim of this system of government, just to suit their selfish needs and ambitions. They go as far as assassinating the opponents or bribing the masses in order to secure a political position. By so doing, the country has been plunged into a deep abyss of political thuggery and dirty games, leaving the choices of the masses unheard.

      It is such a pity that a system of government that was perfect for a progressive country, has been turned into a vehicle of corruption and crime. It begs the question.. are we truly practicing democracy as it was originally intended to be or are we just mimicking a shadow of what is meant to be .

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      rabiu musa

      democracy,a curse  to nigeria


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      Okpako NanaOkpako Okoro

      The shortcomings of military rule in Nigeria led to the agitation for democracy. Democracy is a system of government that accommodate every shade of idea. To be candid, it’s a system that brings strength out of our diversity. Democracy ensures justice, fairness, equity, accountability and transparency. Obviously, these qualities are rare to see in other forms of government. Now, considering our experimentation of democracy in Nigeria, is it really a howler or curse?

      Sincerely, Africa and Nigerian politicians are working hard to make us believe democracy is a curse. Frankly, democracy begins from the electoral process. Unfortunately, these politicians manipulate the process for the wrong candidates to represent the people. They promote corruption, injustice, inequality and so forth. Personally, I don’t believe democracy is a curse rather the politicians are the curse in Nigeria. I strongly believe one day technology will surpass electoral rigging and the world

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      Okpako NanaOkpaks Nana

      will appreciate and embrace the principles of democracy.

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