Is the Offering/Money donated to Churches and Mosques Really Donated to GOD/ALLAH?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Dr.Maureen Scott-Emuakpor

      Indirectly, your offering is donated to God. Just as you need money to maintain your house/home, the church is a house/home and it needs to be maintained. Offering is not enough to maintain any church; just as one’s income is not enough to maintain a large family. So, please, continue to give more to the church, and God will bless you abundantly.

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      Tuedon A.

      Offering and church donations are used to advance the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The church cannot exist or function without GOD. An offering to the church is an offering to God. For the church to operate efficiently certain financial obligation must be met. These obligations include paying church rent, maintenance and salaries for full time church employee such as the pastor and office administrator. Church offering and donation are used for those basic obligations. Another example is a Christian radio station (Detroit FM 106.3) that is funded by the audience/listeners only. Without these funds, the radio station could end their broadcast or reduce air time and the millions that are blessed through that channel would be affected. Take a trip to the bible (Proverbs 3:9-10 , Mark 12:41-44, 2 Corinthians 9:7 etc.) you will find out that offering is justified .

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      Ed NEdewor

      This is a very sensitive and contoversial debate and opinions will sure vary. The offering and donations to Churches and Mosques are sure not donated to GOD/ALLAH but humans who parade themselves as agents of GOD or ALLAH. Can someone show me one bank controlled by GOD? Can someone show me GOD’s Or ALLAH’s account with his Signature? Please tell the congregations the the truth and nothing but the truth. A lot of these monies are collected for the good up keeping of the leaders while some of their followers cannot afford three square meals. If they are accused, they defend themselves by saying no one is forced to come to church or Mosque? Really? Why are there so many divisions in christianity and Islam? Are we not serving the same GOD? One would argue whether the churches and the Mosques are not helping people? Yes of course but what percentage? Are there good christians or muslims of course yes. The churches of the old: Catholic, Anglicans, Baptists etc are different from the pentecostal churches and their franchises. What is an Overseer folks? A dictator hiding under the name of GOD?

      People need to speak out and liberate themselves from some of these bondages. Enough is enough. What do you think of a country with so many poor people and have the richest pastor in the world? The poor people are told that the more offering you give the more blessing you get from God, really? I believe that God/Allah blessed every human being at the point of creation, do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise. Please keep your money to take care of yourself and family. Do we have any meter(call it ‘Holymeter’) to measure the holiness of these church and Mosque leaders? None that I know of. Did God or Allah creat money or is money created by man?These folks are capitalists. Was Jesus or Mohammed capitalist? The debate is open.

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      Thoko Moyo

      I believe that it is not your responsibility to investigate or try to find out where the money is going or what it is being used for.
      Your responsibility as a Christian; paying his/her tithe is to ensure that you do what is required by God, which is to give the 10% asked from you by God.
      The rest is for God. You do your part, and enjoy the blessings that come with that obedience.

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      YES:The offering/money donated to churches & mosques are being donated to GOD & ALLAH. The controversy here lies on ones faith; i e what u believe in, Everybody believes in something. And if u believe in GOD OR ALLAH you will like to obey his commandments as in the doctrine, and in conjunction to this issue ; The doctrine says that the store house of GOD/ALLAH shall not be left empy, That u should pay your tithe and offerings and judgement is of him (GOD) ….Thereby money/offerings donated to churches & mosques are being donated to GOD/ALLAH because their doctrines justify it.

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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      Well,God is not human and he’s a diety we cannot see. He is God and He has no need for our money or offerings, he owns everything. However, offerings and other donations to the church are made, to help in the upkeep of the church, to support members of the church who are in dire need, and to take care of the welfare of workers of the church especially the full time workers. Basically, it should be used however the spirit of God directs.

      Indirectly, it is safe to say that the offering, tithes and other donations are going to God, in the promotion and sustainance of his work.

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      Ed NEdewor

      Men are cunning and loaded with leasing. It is good to help fellow church members but, when a pastor buys  a private jet……we have a humongous conundrum. Please, do not get me wrong, you cannot use the nomenclature of God and the Holy Bible to extort money and material things from Fellow Homo Sapiens bipedalist. God prohibits liars.


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