Should it be mandatory for EFCC(crime fighting body of Nigeria) to investigate all past and present Governors, Senators, Federal and state representatives, Ministers, Directors and the presidents and their team?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      Nigeria is a nation blessed with a lot of human and natural resources.  In addition, the education style and plan was great. But, the nation has been pulled down by corruption fueled by heartless leaders.

      Now, Nigeria’s economy, education, security, health care and infrastructures are crawling on their bellies like reptiles. In fact,  corruption is ubiquitous in the giant of Africa.  All the proceeds from oil is covertly shared amongst the leaders and their clique. The EFCC was created to fight corruption but, its tap root in the society is humongous. Nigeria needs a tough leader like president Buhari to curb corruption. Therefore, the EFCC should investigate the president, vice president, ministers, senators, States and federal reps, and the governors twice per year. This will clean up all the dirts in the society and pave way for growth in Nigeria. If Nigeria waits on Europe, America or Asia to help her citizens out, well, good luck. Your cerebral?  Welcome to

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      Okpako NanaOkpako Nana

      Nigeria is a great Country endowed with numerous human and natural resources. A lot of Nigerians have made history by distinguishing themselves in their various field of studies all over the World. Is it natural resources? The unexplored Gas reserve in Nigeria is more than crude oil, is it steel, coal, bitumen, gold, just name it. The agricultural products in Nigeria, if properly annexed, is enough to feed the whole of Africa. Then why is Nigeria moving backward on a daily bases? This is a humongous problem that crave for a revolutional turnaround of a great thinkers.

      Nigeria is moving backward on a very fast pace. I was born into a Nigeria that maintained a high level of moral decency. All of a sudden, things began to deteriorate immediately Babangida regime toppled Buhari’s administration in August 1985. The standard of ethic and norms maintained over the years both in private and public life began to go into oblivion. This obnoxious situation made politicians to take stealing as a way of life. The society has hitherto question the authenticity of any wealth before Babangida’s regime gave shield to thieves. This is the terrible situation that integrated corruption into our society gradually.

      Today, indiscipline, nepotism, tribalism, corruption and impunity has become a new way of life in Nigeria. What a set-back… Politicians seems not to have a solution, they have all ran out of ideas. Buhari is trying his best to correct these abnomally. Just last week he began the implementation of Executive Order 6 (EO6) which empowered the AG of the federation to obtain interim order to freeze accounts and properties of leaders indicted for corruption and also to restrict their movement out of the country. As it is, the President has ordered 50 high profile Nigerians with ongoing corruption trial in various court not to travel out of Nigeria. This is a milestone achievement.

      Corruption has destroyed Nigeria beyond imagination. As a matter of fact, the only way to do a thorough job, is to begin to clean the mess from where it all began. A man who starts from cutting the branches of a tree with the aim of eradicating that tree, is just beating around the bush. The lasting solution to the problem of Nigeria is to tackle it from the root. That’s why, it will be a beautiful idea when the goverment empower the EFCC to investigate past and present Governors, Senators, Federal and State Representatives, Ministers, Directors, Presidents and their teams. Trust me, politicians will be forced to repent when EFCC put all of them on close surveillance. Additionally, when the EFCC, ACPC, DSS and other key security organization in Nigeria are empowered to begin compulsory investigation on everybody who intend to contest for any political office in Nigeria, certainly, stealing will gradually find a way out of our Country for good.



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      Ed NEdewor

      EFCC will earn Nigerians and other nations respect when they carried out the investigation of the seating and past leaders of Nigeria. They must neutral and transparent at all times. Legally, they must follow the rule of law and must not be loyal to the president or the ruling party or influential citizens of Nigeria. That will kick start the cleansing of the corrupt system in that nation. Corruption is an incurable cancer and a non fertile land for an economic growth.

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