If all Nigerians in Diaspora stopped sending Money back Home to their Families and Friends for 6Months, What will be the Fallout?

Home Forums If all Nigerians in Diaspora stopped sending Money back Home to their Families and Friends for 6Months, What will be the Fallout?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Bartholomew Ajulufoh

      If that even happens, then Nigeria will reveal herself as a very very poor country. Poverty created by the thieves called politicians in Nigeria who have taken away all the Nigerian wealth from oil to overseas countries.

      Also, if Nigerians in diaspora stopped sending money home, more family members will suffer dearly, face more hardships and might even start dying of hunger or suffer from malnutrition.

      Some students might drop out of schools and crimes might go up.

      Sicknesses and diseases  will increase, because family members will lack money for treatment.

      Again Nigeria will be poorer without the moneies being remitted from overseas.



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      Jones Oleita

      If all Nigerians in diaspora where to stop sending money back to Nigeria then most transactions that is experienced today would cease or become less efficient. The total wealth experienced in Nigeria would be significantly reduced.

      This  development that is being witnessed in Nigeria today would be impacted negatively. Socio-economic lifestyle of Nigeria would also be affected.   Wait a minute, but let us think about it if money no longer comes from abroad then many jobs that exist right now in Nigeria that are not actually productive would no longer exist.

      Money from diaspora has also increased crime due to jealousy and envy. Most Nigerians no longer think about what they can do locally because they know that they can expect money from relatives abroad. If money were to stop coming from abroad people will dedicate themselves to discovering new things and would not be stressed with waiting for handouts from abroad.

      Instead of collaboration there has been competition. So instead of lots of companies trying to make the same sub standard products ,there would be collaboration with one another and the quality of the products would be better.




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      Ed NEdewor

      The cascading effects will be catastrophic. The people will either wake up from their slumbers and get serious once again with life or face starvation. Citizens of great nations do not rely on handouts from family members overseas or solely on the government. The government of Nigeria unfortunately do not assist the disables, children, women or elderly. Instead, they steal and loot the treasury to abyss.

      Further, they do not pay pensions out to retirees, if they pay out at all, it comes very late. The police pension billions of Naira was stolen by a rapacious Homo sapiens erectus, the judge fined him seven hundred Naira only. Would this happen in any civilized country on this Earth? The judge must have been bribed clandestinely. Any stoppage of money inflow by the diasporians will result in exponential growth in Armed robbery, criminal networks activities, kidnapping and other unforeseen visitors. They may eventually rise up against the corrupt and anemic government of Nigeria. The consequences will be humongous and lasting. Your thoughts? Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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      Paul warrence

      I beg oo,make nobody go here oo,nai be say na die ooo

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      Ed NEdewor

      Paul, a lot of folks in Nigeria with relatives oversea are just waiting to receive handouts. This is a recipe for self failure and waste. They need to cleanse themselves of the “scionic DNA.” Anyone who works hard to make some money will always spend it prudently. Do you know the difference between driving your personal car and a rental car? Think about it?

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