In order of importance and urgency, which of the following is a top priority to Nigerians: Bad government; Security or Electricity? Why?

Home Forums In order of importance and urgency, which of the following is a top priority to Nigerians: Bad government; Security or Electricity? Why?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Okpako NanaOkpaks nana

      The British Empire handed over the best system of government which accommodate our numerous religious and cultural diversity. The Parliamentary system of 1960 and the Republican government of 1963 was perfect to take Nigeria to greater height. But the selfish, myopic and unscrupulous elements, who call themselves leaders thought otherwise. Apparently, the drift from the moderate British Parliamentary system of government to the expensive America Presidential system was a costly mistake that was made by our leaders.

      Sincerely, electricity and maximum security is key to economic and industrial development of any Nation. However, the aforementioned cannot be achieved if bad government is in the helm of leadership. The military and our elite introduced and endorsed a wrong system of government, which doesn’t accommodate our traditional leadership style. Since the inception of the presidential system, a large chunk of Nigeria budget has gone into administration instead of vital national projects.

      Furthermore, prior to the new democratic era in Nigeria, the military have pill up our international debt and after so much anticipation of the new regime. Guess what? They have done worse by increasing our debts with baseless borrowing and extravagant spending. As it is, Nigeria is a failed Nation and if we don’t go back to the drawing board to identify where we got it wrong, trust me, we will continue to rigmarole as a Nation.

      Conclusively, the way forward is that, we must go back to the independent constitution, introduce stringent laws, cut down expenditure and indentify our core value. Thereafter, anybody who lead the central government will know that the first thing to do is to provide security which will be promptly followed by electricity to groom a virile economy. Sincerely, the top priority in Nigeria is to do everything possible to stop bad government and install good government because it’s only a good leader that can do the needful.

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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      The government of a country is the brain and heart of the successful and systematic operation of the country. No matter how much effort is out by it’s citizens, if a country has bad government, all the progressive developments would be frustrated. Whereas, a good government strives to make all sectors of the country functional and operational. Once the leaders of a country are focused and disciplined, all other things fall in line

      this is the challenge that Nigeria is facing as country. We keep voting the wrong people into power and yet, we advocate non stop for development of the country. How is that meant to happen? The government is divided into arms,with functions doled out and only when these arms perform their duties and responsibilities, can there be sustainable development and progress.  Security, electricity, healthcare facilities… these are all functions and responsibilities of government that have been clearly stated in the grundnorm of the country. Yet, we are striving to enjoy all these things.. where do you think the root of the problem lies? The government

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