Is president Donald Trump banning of 7 Islamic nations from travelling to U.S.A. a proactive security measure or a publicity stunt? Why and why not?

Home Forums Is president Donald Trump banning of 7 Islamic nations from travelling to U.S.A. a proactive security measure or a publicity stunt? Why and why not?

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      Ed NEd N
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      That will be an excuse for the terrorists to expand their recruitment drive. His supporters will look at as a proactive measure but his critics know that he is pulling a publicity stunt. America was not built overnight and cannot be capsized overnight. The values, ideals and institutions are deeply rooted. It is the beacon of democracy and should not be altered to autocracy just like that. Food for thought folks!

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      Paul warrence

      President  Trump is either pulling a stunt for those that voted him or his playing the card of Russia President  (Puttin)

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      Ed NEdewor

      This executive order is nebulous. If it is genuine, the axe would have fallen on Saudi Arabia the abode of the majority of the 9/11 miscreants and murderers in descending order. Mr president is a stunt artist and everybody including his close associates know. Clinically, this is a publicity stunt by the POTUS. God bless America. Your cerebral? Welcome to

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      Jack Folson

      Prior to the so called “Muslim ban” there already existed a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) in which many developed countries with high income economies were allowed to come to the United States for up to 90 days without obtaining a Visa.  The 7 countries indicated ( Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen ) were some of the countries that enjoyed the privilege of being on the VWP.

      After terrorist activities in other countries as well as non-compliance with the ongoing requirements of the VWP by these countries the Obama administration (after being voted upon by Congress) signed into law legislation revising the program to eliminate them from the program.  However, due to the election cycle nothing was done in this regard.

      When Donald Trump took office his campaign rhetoric of stiffening our borders clouded his vision and he implemented the terms of the changes but did so in a very inflammatory and amateurish way.  His Executive Order was drawn up improperly.  The biggest issues involved were (1) poor communication with the immigration officials tasked with following out the order (2) including current visa holders – improperly, (3) including current Green Card holder – improperly, and not being aware of the current legal and constitutional requirements involved.

      What is telling is that this error by the president was characterized as a Muslim Ban because the 7 countries involved had majority Muslim populations.  The international media outlets as well as the American media failed to point out that 40 other countries with majority Muslim populations were not included in this “Muslim Ban.” Most of the other countries were not in the Visa Waiver Program so were not effected.  Also let it be known that most other countries of the world did not enjoy the Visa Waiver Program for their nationals.

      So, in conclusion, this was not a Muslim Ban and these countries are just on hold for 90 – 120 days in which their immigration procedures can be made more robust but right now are on par with most of the world.

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