Is president Donald Trump calling Haiti and African countries “shitholes” RACIST?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      It is difficult to boldly say that president Trump is not a racist. A review of his utterances attest to this classification. In addition, he is “a curser”, misogynist, and an anti peace of tertiary ranking. Furthermore, his DNA is loaded with lies. Therefore, his name calling of Haiti and all the countries in Africa by referring to them as “shitholes” is not only racist but axiomatic insanity. Concisely, the man is a “racist and a hater” and the two republican senators who were in the room where the name calling took place are nothing but racist. Why did they lie to the whole world? Their actions also qualify them as enablers. Your thoughts?

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      Okpako NanaOkpako Nana

      The derogatory remark from the  President of the World largest democracy referring to Haiti and Africans a “shitholes”, is not only absurd but also inhumane . The mental capacity of President Donald Trump need to be brought into question, it is about time Modern democratic nations set up a system that will subject all prospective politicians to psychiatric test before they face even party primary. This will surely bring sanitary into the political affairs of all nations.

      President Donald Trump utterances leave one with no choice than to believe he is a sadist, racist and a sociopath. It’s very unfortunate for Americans to have elected a President who reason more with his mouth than with his brain. I am American people must have been regretting why they elected this kind of person.

      Donald Trump and the two republican Senators that were present in the room where Trump called Haiti and Africans a “shitholes” are of the same breed with Donald Trump. It is very disturbing to hear the President of the United States of America calling major black Nations a “shithole”. Trump is fast becoming a dictator rather than a democratic. Americans should be wary of this Man in their forthcoming elections because if he returns to White House he will surely destroy America democracy.

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      Well written, I hope Americans will pay attention to this detailed presentation on this debate platform

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      Okpako NanaOkpako Nana

      Obviously, someone in State House or someone close to them will peruse one day.

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