Would Serena Williams ever win any tennis major championship again or will she retire with her 23 major trophies? Your thoughts?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      Nervousness is undoing the current female Tennis best player in the world. Her name is Serena Williams, the younger sister of Venus Williams. Arithmetically, there are 30 major championships between these naturally gifted sisters. With age and some health challenges, big sister with 7 championships to her credit is slowing down .

      As the debate is gathering momentum, baby sister is still in the profession. Besides, she is in pursuit of the 24th major crown. This is appearing as a very high bar to our girl, Serena. We had a conversation in our office, one group is very mad, they want her retire from active Tennis. Conversely, my group wants her to continue to have the opportunity to win the 24th major to tie the record. This could be achieved early part of 2020 if she keep her nerves in check and totally under control.  Practically, the highway to the crown is loaded with valleys and hills. But, knowing Serena, she has both the mental and physical capability to weather the storm and realize her long term goal. Go Serena!!! Welcome to www. Provocativedebate.com .

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      Okpaks nana

      The William sisters; Venus and Serena are names the world cannot forget in a hurry. They have come, seen and conquered in the game of tennis. With 30 incredible championships between the two sisters, no doubt, they have left their names in the Sand of time.

      In addition, every beginning of something must surely come to an end. The game of a champion in any sport will begin to plummet below expectation when issues of age, health and physical fitness begin to crawl in. Serena William has given the world enough to chew when it comes to female world tennis championships. Apparently, Serena is nervous at the moment maybe as a result of a year absence from the game due to child birth or age. She is tactical and physical, therefore, she has what it takes to bounce back. Honestly, she can win her 24th trophy if she prepare well. I wish her success…

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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      Serena Williams fell just short of another major title, losing to Simona Halep in the Wimbledon Final in straight sets. This is the third major final Williams has lost since coming back from childbirth and many are doubting her ability to equal Margaret Court’s 24-major title record.Serena Williams is still playing at a high level, but to expect her to win another major title would be unfair. She’s already given so much to tennis, but Father Time is catching up to her and it shows.The new Wimbledon champion has youth on her side, which Williams can’t control.Still, this is Serena Williams and her dominance over a talented field is unprecedented.

      It is sad people continue to doubt Serena Williams and it is ridiculous. It’s not like she has 23 reasons why people should respect her abilities no matter what.The fact that she continues getting to the finals of these majors shows she is close to a breakthrough. All she needs to raise her level just a little more and at least one Grand Slam title will come her way. She’ll find a path again to major triumph, because she’s the best fighter the women’s game and even  after having a child, Williams is still the queen of tennis and has enough talent to win another major.

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      Ed NEdewor

      Serena Williams will work on her nerves during this time off, return to win the first grand slam of 2020. http://WWW.PROVOCATIVEDEBATE.COM

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