Should certificates and degrees be part of Will or Inheritance?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Tuedon A.

      I have never thought of that! Interesting as it may seem, I wish it was possible. Your father is a genius does not really make you a genius. Certificate is an individual intellectual property. A certificate is awarded to an individual who has met a predefined set of requirements established by an authorized institution. A degree from Harvard makes you alumni of that noble institution, meaning you can speak confidently as a product of Harvard. If certificates are inheritable then there exists a huge possibility of misrepresentation of knowledge, association and style. An inherited certificate is truly meaningless when its substance is inapplicable in the life of the person who inherited it. Would a fisher man who inherits a brain surgeon certificate operate on the human brain? Not mine. This should not be done.

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      Ed NEdewor

      Heck NO! Academic achievements are individual effort and property and everyone carries his or her own CROSS period. I love everyone created by God but I do not like lazy behaviors and its siblings. You must apply your self to attain certain level of accomplishment in life……….mostly in education. You can inherit houses, gold, diamonds, clothes, shoes, cars, farms, wives in some old cultures but Degrees and certificates are individual specific. You must posses the prowess to conquer it and keep it until you die. Those with “SCIONIC DNA” sorry!!!!!

      Wake up, work hard and you shall have yours and please do not blame any body for non self application……….Life is a pyramid……..the higher the smaller. The copy of the certificate or degree is just a paper but real stuff is in your Cranium………for you and you alone. Would children kill their parents to inherit their degrees if they were part of will? Would they just wait until they die and walk away to get a good job with what they did not sweat for? Your Take?

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      felix nana

      Certificates and Degrees are standards attained individually and by personal prowess.No body should inherit them.We have seen cases of ruffian children of hard working,well to do persons wasting wealth and goodwill on the demise of the parents.And one often wonders what happened.However,such loss is limited as in most cases only cash and property are squandered or lost.Imagine what such recklessness will cause if one were to operate with acquired certificate or degree.It is only education that lift a person from obscurity to limelight…the more the level of certificate attainment the better the chances of coming out of the cocoon of poverty.Poverty has facets:of money,ideas,truth,complex and the like.Time overtakes ideas and ideals and as education is involving and revolving,proper pursuit of certificates and degrees puts one in a better stead to emancipate the mind,heart and soul.If these are left to inheritance,the world will be made up of fake people who will dwell in mediocrity.And that will be a tragedy.

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