Should education from kindergarten to bachelor degree level be free for everyone in every country and funded by united Nation(UN)?

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      Ed N
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      Thoko Moyo

      LOL, Free Education would be ideal, it means everyone gets the same opportunities to have education, but it is unrealistic in this Society. Its often backed up by all these hierarchy issues.

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      Education should be free from kindergarten to the Bachelor degree level to shrink the disparity between the poor and rich children. United Nations(UN) should finance it and other donors should contribute as well to make it a dream come true. Would the whole world benefit from this process if executed? Would it reduce ignorance across the globe? Would it address the issue of racism? Would a police with a bachelor degree act and save lives than the one without a bachelors? Remember if you educate a woman you educate the whole world. Education as we all know can help to understand a complex situation and resolve it amicably without lost of life and properties and thereby saving tax payers money and strengthening the economy.

      Would education with a good curriculum reduce or eliminate terrorism and corruption? Would it increase productivity and increase quality of life? I believed very strongly that the world will be a better place and home if education is free from kindergarten to a Bachelor degree level. Education refines individuals and gives them sense of purpose and direction. Should all universities in the world have a standard curriculum? Should IVY LEAGUE schools be phased out? If God created man in his own image, why all these discriminations? Wake up people and stop the class difference. Your opinion?

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      Tuedon A.

      I am a strong proponent of basic education for all. Two things are questionable here; the first is the level of education that is deemed acceptable and who should fund this education program. I would suggest free education be extended to everyone in every country to high school level. That is sufficient to make a difference in the society and in a person’s life. Higher education, specifically bachelor degree from any institution is not cheap, speaking realistically. Shifting the funding of education of any sort (primary, secondary or tertiary) to the United Nation would diminish the primary objective or the mission of the body. A single body cannot take on this huge task. Responsibility of education planning and funding should be left at a county level.

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      Tuedon, it sounds very liberal to conservative Homo sapiens Erectus but free education to the baccalaureate degree level will improve the quality of production and quality of life of citizens. Moreover, education is the remedy to phenomenon of dominance and social stratification in our various societies. Education, be it technical, vocational or purely academic will expand the middle class.

      Furthermore, it behooves the world leaders to give the poor children a chance to compete with the very reach ones. In addition, education will retard terrorism and criminal networks growth. It will liberate the poor, the oppressed and women worldwide. Think about it folks.


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      Free education in the world is every citizen’s Utopian dream. It will give everyone an equal chance to pursue their dreams. There would be no excuse of limitation of their education. There are many people with great potential who have been hindered and limited by factors such as education, it would be a great way to bridge the divide amongst social classes and status. Just like a communist state.

      However, I doubt it is feasible for it to be funded by the United Nations…supported but not fully funded. In Nigeria, the right to education contained in the constitution is under the provisions of State policy,which means it is the duty of the GOVERNMENT of the country. UN funding it would insinuate a one world government, which is not feasible. The U.N. is a non profit organization and not every country is part of it…which counters the “free education for all” clause

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