Should the government stay off and parents allowed to Whip their kids for Bad Behavior?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Maureen Scott-Emuakpor

      Government should stay off and allow parents to whip their kids for bad behavior; but government should step in if parents over do it by causing trauma to their kids. On the other hand, parents should not “spare the rod to spoil the child”.

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      Ed NEdewor

      Sincerely I think governments all over the world should allow responsible parents to raise their children. Unless the parent is an alcoholic, mentally unstable or has history of excessive abuse, then the government can intervene. Those of us who made it reasonably to the top of our life pursuit are the ones well displined by our parents or raised by the community. “It takes a village to raise a responsible child”. From the culture where I was raised, I cannot talk back to my immediate senior brother as a grown man. Why? Respect! We went to visit my mum not to long ago, she wants to whip my big brother who is the president of various organizations, I guess you cannot grow up to your parents. Is United States ways and manners of raising children abusive to parents? Are the laws of marriage also abusive to the husbands? Folks, the debate is open.

      One thing we all know is that, the government will help us whip the kids in a rougher way or kill some of them if we do not carry out the early whipping. How many governments all over the world really care about our children? Don’t a lot of them care about the money than any citizens? Parents, wake up and execute your fundamental role in your child’s life………..displine them. Your take? Welcome to

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