Would systemic corruption and ethnicism eventually break and collapse the Nigerian state? Your thoughts?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      Nigeria will not disintegrate because of systemic corruption and ethnicism. The corruption nexus is a conglomeration of all the heartless and rogue leaders that had infested the land over many decades. The conundrum of this nation is the elite thieves versus the poor/masses. Anything that will yield meaningful result, will be a battle between the poor and the ruling class stealing all the oil and other resources revenues. Realistically, the politicians are using the ethnic slogan to divide the poor and weaken their bonds. Practically, the day all deprived Nigerians will present a unified front against this elite rogues; corruption will be minimized in that geographical location. Conclusively, the Nation will not collapse as a result of ethnicism.

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      Okpako NanaOkpako Nana

      Nigeria will hardly disintegrate because of systematic corruption and ethnicity, especially when the elite is benefiting from the system. Corruption in Nigeria has created a lacuna for numerous societal enigma.It is the creation of the myopic, selfish and wicked crooks whose aim is to underdevelop Nigeria for the benefit of themselves and their fourth generation. This heartless thieves have sponsored and will continue to sponsor policies that will enslave the poor and the Nigeria nation.

      The elite group and the ruling class is always out to steal state resources and deprive the poor of any meaningful development. This is absurd and has eroded the fabric of democracy in Nigeria. The major problem in Nigeria is the laws enacted for the elite and the poor by the military juntas in 1979 which has continuously giving an awry justice to the elite and ruling class at the expense of the poor. This is a menace that requires an urgent attention.

      Politicians are regularly using ethnicity and tribal sentiment to divide Nigeria why they unite to loot the natural resources of the country. The ruling APC government indicted numerous high profile Nigerians in the 2.1billion dollars Dasuki gate, cash was traced to peoples bank account but nobody was sent to jail. This kind of  conduct has forced so many Nigerians to stealing, kidnapping, fraud and different form of crimes too numerous to mention. The masses has resorted to crimes because the government has failed to create jobs and provide basic amenities. Therefore, the earlier the  youths see the elites and ruling class  as a threat, the better for them. The action of the youths is crucial to reducing or eradicating corruption. Finally, Nigeria cannot disintegrate or collapse because of ethnicity.

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      Ed NEdewor

      The leadership of the nation of Nigeria is the reason why corruption and ethnicism thrive. Realistically, if there is good structure in place by the leaders to seriously curb corruption and create jobs with human and critical infrastructures security co-existing; ethnicism will be history.  In addition, religion should be under the radar. Corrupt Church and Islamic leaders must be arrested to serve as a deterrent to all individuals. Furthermore, these corrupt leaders should not be given visas to Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem for pilgrimage. Do the leaders of this aforementioned geographical entity have heart and blood circulating in their bodies?  The average Nigerian life span is way below the Biblical age of 70years. This is something the leadership must think about. I rest my fingers. Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com

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