Is telling lies genetically or environmentally induced? On the average, how many lies do people tell per day, per week, per month and per year?

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      In every aspect of a man and a woman’s life, lie is present. Lie is wall-to-wall in every society where human resides and conduct businesses. Obviously, lie(s) is as old as creation(Garden of Eden in the Holy Bible). Sincerely, it is difficult to assign lying to genetics or environment, because, Adam was not delivered by a woman as a result of sexual intercourse with a man. Evidentially, he was created by God, yet, he lied to his creator.

      Therefore, lies are possibly more environmentally induced than genetics. Is there any link between telling lies and genetics in any human population? There are published evidence that lying has a strong genetic constitution. This is a chronic condition referred to and officially known as “pseudologia fantastica”. Furthermore, a twin study carried out by Peter J. Loewen of University of Toronto published in Harvard Business Review claimed that genes are the reason for 26% of their subjects’ view on avoiding taxes . Besides, 42% of workers take unnecessary sick leave according to the same study(Harvard Business Review, 2014).

      Empirically, there are many humanly related situations that can kick start lying. Instinctively, people lie to survive dangerous situation or to scam someone for survival. Evidence abound that criminals, politicians, lawyers, Banks, pharmaceutical companies, Car manufacturing corporations, Boeing and so forth all lie daily. Sometimes, these lies can lead to cascading effects on human population. Practically, it is quite challenging to fathom the the link or the correlation between genetically and environmentally induced lies. This will be a good research study for our well established Universities. I rest my case folks!

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      Okpako Nanaokpaks nana

      Lying was a grievous crime in the medieval age. In this jet age, lying is fast becoming a norm in our society; it’s difficult not to tell tie before a passing day. It’s common with most professionals, especially, business executives and other experts numerous to mention. They believe telling lies can foster their businesses and take it to the right proportion. Empirically, lying can be ascribed to genetic or environment. Most probably, a liar can inherit the habit from his or her parents or lineage, environment can also re-enforce an individual or group behaviour.

      Frankly, why do people lie, most individuals and experts like; Lawyers, Bankers, Traders, Doctors, Fraudsters, Politicians and so on; lie to exonerate themselves from terrifying situations. They also lie for survival too. Realistically, most of this lies today are environmentally induced because the modern environment have the mechanism to reborn an individual or group either positively or negatively.

      Honestly, it’s impossible to fathom the magnitude of lies people tell per hour, day, week, month or year. Sincerely, humongous lie can create a devastating situation in a family, firm or even a nation. It’s imperative to know that, there is no amount of lie that will change the future. I rest my case…


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