Terrorism Vs cultism, which one is a more serious global security THREAT?

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      Ed NEdewor

      Terrorism and Cultism is a siamese twins carrying the same intimidation and violent DNA in their bodies. Terrorism could be local and international and so is cultism. Terrorism is gaining popularity lately but the world must not ignore cultism because its impact is huge and down grading the quality of lives of miilions of people world wide. Cultism in the past was mainly associated with religion and some higher institutions of learning, but now a robust monster parading in every nook and corner of streets of developing and third world nations. Most of the cults members are used by politicians in these nations, consequently, they do not have any control over them. There is an old saying that “if you give birth to a giant kill him before he grows up” to avoid sad stories in the future. Should all cults be banned in every country? Should Cultism be out-lawed in every school and community? Would cult members likely join terrorist groups? Cultism or Terrorism which one comes first? This is comparable to the chicken and the egg debate.

      Terrorism is intimidation and violence and walton destruction of human lives and properties. Cultism I know has same DNA in its system and therefore must be dealt with in the same vein. For mankind to enjoy average peace, Cultism and Terrorism must be incapacitated globally and must be done by all nations coming together under a good leadership. These monsters are both serious security threat to the world. Peace, joy, hapiness, good quality of life are all relative……….should there be a global marker/scale for them? Is poverty a precursor to cultism and terrorism? Is religion the genesis of terrorism and cultism? Your opinion? Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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