Terrorist networks threat versus Cybersecurity fraud/threat, which one poses more severe threat to the whole world?

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      In our generation and era, we are constantly under threat of different taxonomy. Terrorism is one of the most dreaded threat of our time. But, the 2016 presidential election meddling by Mr. Putin and Russia catapulted cyber threat to number one spot.

      Evidentially, cyber security threat is a humongous monster that we must confront with all our nerves. Technologies have their merits and demerits but, the fraud and threat via cyber and all its cousins are unbelievable. In comparison, terrorism are regionalized while, cyber security threat is ubiquitous and global. Literally, both are dangerous but, the crown of devastating effects goes to cyber security threat. Your thoughts?  Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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      Okpako NanaOkpaks nana

      Our world have witnessed threats in  distinct magnitude; terrorism is one of the most catastrophic threat we face in the globe today. Cybersecurity fraud/threat is a trending crime that has almost dethrone the raging scourge of terrorism. We have all heard of situations, where Banks, facebook, instagram, twitter accounts  and electoral commissions website’s sensitive contents hacked to dissuade electoral process.

      Cybersecurity fraud/threat is a walloping crime that has undermined the future of individuals, corporate bodies and government authorities. The devastating effect is banging and catastrophic. The scenario in White House and indiscriminate hacking of individuals and Banks account all over the world is a testimony to this fact.

      On the other hand, Terrorist network is a violent crime that has killed, maim and rendered many across the globe homeless. This network has stunted the growth of many nations with their evil crime. It’s a terrible scourge that has made the entire world wary of the future.

      In conclusion, it’s difficult to allot credence to one as the most harmful. Sincerely, both Terrorism and cybersecurity fraud/threat are thumping and devastating in nature. However, terrorist network activities does not cover the world but cybersecurity fraud/threat have a huge coverage. On this note, I will agree the latter poses more severe threat than the former.

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