The CATHOLIC CHURCH prohibits their NUNS and PRIESTS from having SEX and CHILDREN, is this a violation under HUMAN RIGHT or NOT?

Home Forums The CATHOLIC CHURCH prohibits their NUNS and PRIESTS from having SEX and CHILDREN, is this a violation under HUMAN RIGHT or NOT?

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      Ed NEd N
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      Ed NEdewor

      This is a violation of human right and should be investigated by united nations. The NUNS and PRIESTS are grown HOMOSAPIENS and they have blood and HORMONES circulating in their bodies, why should any organization or church impose such a harsh law on individuals created and ordained by GOD? The Creator said “GO YE AND MULTIPLY”. If everyone stopped having sex and children who will the Catholic Church preach to every sunday? This issue should be evaluated by the church and investigated by UNITED NATIONS to provide a lasting solution.

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      Tuedon A.

      I do not consider NUN and PRIEST practices a violation of human right. It is easy to reach a hard biased conclusion when viewed from a non-religious angle. First, the gentlemen and Ladies who became NUN and PRIEST were not coerced to choose that lifestyle therefore it must have been free will. I don’t understand what goes on behind their walls, but I believe they have a choice to quit if they can’t cope with the lifestyle. The practice of celibacy is present in other religions. It is not common to the catholic only.

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      felix nana

      When man begin to play ‘god’,the result will be catastrophic.Men are designed to enjoy copulation with women by GOD.Along the line,religion began to play the role of the Creator albeit imperfectly via doctrines.Thus violating the biological injunction handed down to man by God.Little wonder perverseness crupted in through the back door.The adverse effect is homosexuality,lesbianism,leudness….etc.No one should hide under the cloak of religion undermine the human race.

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      Fejiro AghaJaeden

      Different religious sects have diverse religious beliefs ranging from the attires they wear, to eating certain food or acting a certain way. It is no news that religion somehow, has a strong hold on people. I guess it gives them a sense of hope and purpose, I really don’t know but there is freedom to choose personal religion and beliefs. It is actually a fundamental human right. So except in some religious countries where other religions are frowned at,no one should be able to force a religion on you . It is a free choice.
      The Catholics, are a domination of the Christian faith, and they have priests and nuns, who are people that have dedicated their lives( literally) to serving God. They are banned from having sexual, getting married or having children, as long as they maintain such positions in the church.  Most of the times, these people volunteer to join the seminary or convent. They exercised their freedom of choice of religion and they were very well aware of what it entails and they still went ahead. In my opinion, there is not a violation of human rights.

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      Ed NEdewor

      These men and women who are serving in the Catholic Churches are constituted of the same anatomy and physiology you and I are made up of. Evidentially, these men of God rape the young boys who are entrusted to them. Empirically, the boys who served the “fathers” in many catholic schools in Nigeria to be specific walk like ladies. They also speak in female vocalization, does this ring a bell? In addition, the excavation of old convents revealed fetuses buried underground. Does that raise a “red flag”? Now, should the priests and Nuns be allowed to marry if they so desired? As we speak or debate, there various rapes against priests in courts all over the World. I suggest, all the boys and men sexually abused by these monsters covertly in Nigeria/Africa should gather enough courage to speak out like every other people from other parts of the globe.

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