Was the recent Russian Airline crash in Egypt caused by a Bomb?

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      Ed NEd N
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      felix nana

      The Russian Airline crash in Egypt was an accident.And accidents encompasses many factors.That zone of the earth where the crash occurred is a trouble spot.So anything untoward can happen:be it on air ,land or sea.Because of acrimonies in that circle,the incident may not be free from a blast.Since it took place far up in the air,sabotage cannot be ruled out,it could be a bomb.But as the jet is a machine,thee is the the possibility of it developing a fault at short notice or no notice at all.
      The sad part of it is the world lost over two hundred citizens.

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      Ed NEdewor

      When planes crashed in the past the first thing that come to mind is mechanical or pilot error caused it. As we grow older, things and times continue to change and deep human hatred spiraled out of control. Cultism and terrorism is now ubiquitous and human and properties is at the verge of total collapse. Air transportation used to be safer means of transport in comparison to others. Terrorists have depleted safety from air transportation because of their no respect for human lives. Has God travelled from planet earth? We all need prayers in whatever form that can restore peace on earth. The Russian plane crash in Egypt has a high probability of been downed by a terrorist bomb.

      Even though Egypt and Russia are slow to conclude that terrorists brought down the plane that killed over two hundred human beings, the truth will be out soon. What measures should the world put together to thwart any evil plans in the near future. Should United Nation declare war on all terrorist groups including Isis? Is this a wake up call for Russia? Your thoughts? Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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      Ed NEdewor

      The truth is out finally and Russia admitted that their Airline that crashed in Egypt was brought down by a BOMB…….main suspect is ISIS. Would Russia work with other Nations all over the World to Annihilate all TERRORIST GROUPS? Wake up Russia, its time to act. The debate is open folks!

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