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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Global cultural review revealed the truth about women. A women supposed to be the number two in command behind her husband or boyfriend. Physically, men are stronger. But, a lot of women out do men when it comes to mental competition.</p>
      Evidentially, a woman is the first and primary teacher of our children. She is also a good disciplinarian and domestic engineer. Obviously, she needs a man for procreation, security and other basicĀ  supports. Literally, she needs a man. Sometimes, we run into a woman who has been frustrated by some men. Angrily, she tells anyone that “I do not need a man.” Do you blame her! Some men are mean to women and vice versa. Your thoughts ? Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com .

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      Okpako NanaOkpaks nana

      A Woman is design to help a Man by nature; she is the ceremonial head while the Man is the head of government by structure. Invariably, the Woman is beneath the Man in family hierarchy. She takes instruction and support directly from the Man to carry out day to day task like; cooking, cleaning, washing, preparing the kids for school and so on. She is the second in command.

      As a matter of fact, woman are the first teachers and trainers of kids, they have the naturally endured values to raise kids with sound moral principles. This is pivotal to everyone as their role of moulding the destiny of children cannot be over emphasized. However, a woman’s life may be incomplete and insecure without a Man. She needs a Man to impregnate her, to secure her and to give her basic needs of life. Sincerely, some Women regret their life or even forbid Men when they encounter the nonchalant and callous

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      Okpako NanaOkpaks nana


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