Why do women live longer than men?

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      Genetically and anatomically, men and women are very close in configuration. The main difference between them are the reproductive organs, pregnancy and delivery by biological women. Behaviour-wise, men and women are entirely from different planets; even God our creator finds it difficult to decipher these two Homo Sapiens Bipedalist he put together long time ago. Have they undergone mutational changes?

      Now, the longevity discrepancy between men and women still remains a locked-up code. Scientifically, there are no solid evidence to support why women live longer than men. But, few things can be incriminated to why men’s life span is shorter. Habitually, men smoke and drink more than women (the paradigm has shifted, women probably smoke more marijuana than men and consume more alcohol as we debate). In addition, men are the warriors and have participated in all the stressful events of the world include wars and politics. Statistically,majority of the African men pay almost all the bills and take care of the dangerous happenings in the communities. Sometimes, men work so hard to care for their families and forget about their health check up. If the women pay all the bills for a change in the next six years will men life spans grow longer? Your sincere opinions? Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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