Will the world recover from the humongous damages caused by Covid-19 in the next five(5) years?

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      Human activities and existence on earth has been jolted many times. The cascading impacts vary, depending on the massive blow by the invader. Sometimes these are humanly created, otherwise could be nature’s reaction to human provocation. Either way, man is always linked to the etiology. A review of codified information of the world wars and America’s great depression(1929) revealed that the average recovery after a complete or partial distortion of many societies is approximately 3 to 5years.

      Empirically, some societies or communities or countries are more resilient than others. The main indicators are good and stable government, technologically advanced, honest and dedicated leaders, non interference from religion components, a solid foundation in place for a quick rebound, good schools and availability of food, security, industries and power. In addition, integration of the youth into the work system, good healthcare and vocation training centers with certifications. Therefore, any quick recovery from this evil virus called novel coronavirus needs incorporation of the aforementioned ideas and suggestions. Furthermore, all political divide must come together to return their nation to a new and better normal because, the old system failed resulting in human lives loss and economic topsy-turvy.

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      Mankind are created, structured and conditioned to bounce back to new normal post adversity. Empirical evidence abound that man has survived many pandemics in history, the Holy Bible fully codified in detail the events surrounding Noah’s ark. Yet, humans were able to recover and moved on. There have been world wars, regional wars, national conflicts, earthquakes and numerous disasters but, men prevailed. Now, it is Covid-19 with its inimical genesis from Wuhan, China.

      Unexpectedly,  this virus has spread all over the world, shutdown all villages,  towns,  cities, countries  and continents. The world economy is in standstill and humans’ movements are restricted by various governments for safety. In fact,  this is beyond scary, everyone is asking similar questions; what is going on and when will this end? Well, no body has a precise answer, not even our nerd and must brilliant scientists.  Our revered leaders are all in alter confusion. This virus is ubiquitous and lethal to say the least. Every individual is troubled beyond human reasoning. Will this coronavirus and all its shenanigans disappear into the oblivion any time soon? If yes, how soon? As it is, no Homo sapiens bipedalist has a crystal ball to predict when all this will be over. But, it should be over in 5years or its impacts reduced to minimal. Obviously, this virus exposed the mental fortitude of American and other respected scientists in the world. We sure still have limited knowledge to deal with unexpected events. Furthermore,  the world leaders failed the common people, especially the so called advance nations. I rest my fingers! Welcome to https://www.provocativedebate.com.

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      okpaks nana

      History recorded a more severe pandemic between 1918 to 1919; though not without devastating consequences but somehow man came out strong. There have been civil and world war, natural disasters and so on. But man seems to have an innate determination to rise up as if nothing happens. Though this may take time due to the cascading effect. Factually, the Coronavirus pandemic has torn the world undistorted order into shred and time is certainly required for things to return to normalcy.

      Sincerely, Coronavirus pandemic has jerked the moving speed of world’s economy and the entire human life. No doubt, in every injury sustained during a war or fatal accident, the healing process is always lengthen most times. The cascading effect of Covid-19 may takes years to fix. Logically, a sound, good and selfless leaders determined to study the state of damage will no doubt bounce back with the right mental fortitude and sophisticated technological application. Though some countries with confused leaders may take a long time to recover but with the aforementioned indices any nation will recover speedily. On this regard, I suggest world leaders most do the needful to win the post pandemic war.

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