Would stopping Welfare packages to men and women of age 50years and below improve the Economy and productivities in America?

Home Forums Would stopping Welfare packages to men and women of age 50years and below improve the Economy and productivities in America?

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      Welfare by any Government is a handout to citizen of money or other items for better quality of life. Genuinely, there are group of people mostly older ones and very few young ones that will qualify for such handout. The debate at hand is stopping handouts to men and women of 50years or younger in America; from my side of the prism, it should be stopped with very few exemptions to rescue America from sliding into total welfare state. These category of citizens are the productive spectrum of the society and stopping welfare packages to them will be a wake-up call and result in increase in productivities and economic growth. Whether you are conservative or liberal, I advise the government to work with all healthcare professionals to come-up with a revised scale or standards for screening this age group before assigning disability title to any one.

      There is preponderance of evidence that America is one of the country in the world today where high dosages of pain medications are prescribed out easily. This should be reviewed to avoid pandemic addiction in our society. Is prescribed medications issues approaching the level of that of street drugs? Are they both spring-board to welfare population growth? Remember “the hand of the giver is always on top of that of the receiver” and this is traditionally proportional to their growth. The opposition to my view will argue that excluding young people from welfare will increase crime in our society but before such action will be taken by the government, pathway from welfare to better life should be in place. This must include but not limited to making access to vocational training and free education to a community college or bachelor degree level. The funding for these programs will come from savings from welfare programs and excessive pain and other medications prescriptions. The growth of every developed or developing nations are directly proportional to the total number of young people educated via vocational and conventional institutions. All the government need do is create a conducive environment for small businesses to grow and that will set of geometric growth in employment. I rest my key-board. Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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