What are your new year resolutions? Why do people fail to keep their new year resolutions?

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      Ed NEdewor

      The humanly created calendar is based on 365 or 366 days per annum. Alternatively, a total of 52 weeks make a year; Christmas is always celebrated on the 25th of December while a new celebration is slated for January 1. People have always have plans for any new year but, most of the resolutions ended up in an abysmal pit. Empirically, individuals have too many new year resolutions…… a precursor for a failure. In addition, life events are loaded with distractions and its cousins(you name it).

      Consequently, I have resolved to just keep two new year resolutions. Obviously, this is a microcosm of a list than can be expanded for public consumption. They are: Conquering fear and procrastination respectively. Furthermore, I pray to God to handle my health and wisdom throughout the year. Truly, if I can put these two factors of my life in check; the sky would not be my limit. All I need to do is to remind my self daily of my set resolutions and how to accomplish them. Your thoughts? Welcome to http://www.provocativedebate.com.

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      Each year individuals formulate their new year resolutions to correct their deficiencies and improve their life styles. Unfortunately, a lot of people cannot keep them in good faith. Obviously, it is the primary responsibilities of any human being to their resolutions; if you fail to keep yours…..do not blame anyone. Realistically, I do not care about new year resolutions because, I go with the flow. Sincerely, it has worked for me very well.

      Truly speaking, there are reasons why people cannot keep their resolutions. Some of the reasons include but not limited to your job, family, associations, and unforeseen issues. Either way, life goes on and another year will roll by. Please, do not stress yourself up with cumbersome new year’s resolutions….. just enjoy life. Happy new year folks.

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      Benjamin josephine

      Only 8% of people who create a New Year’s Resolution actually achieve their goals(www.Richardwiseman.com). Most people are not specific with what they want. They create goals that were never achievable in the first place, they do not have the right mindset, or they allow distractions to get in the way.

      They treat their resolutions as an hobby, they dabble in it for a few weeks, hit plateau and they do not keep pushing forward. They do not make a plan, they don’t get a coach, life gets in the way and they give up. Whatever your picture of success looks like to you, really allows you to see it. Imagine it will be as much detail and enthusiasm as you can. Imagine what life can be if you said YES!

      Not saying YES sometime in a distant future. Saying YES to yourself and your dreams starts now. The problem with “someday I will” is that you will not actually do it. Your someday is today, if you want to make a change, right now is simply the best time to do it. As for me, my New Year’s Resolution is to render my helping hands to others in need, no matter how little I can and to also work on myself . So, I can be a better version of me.

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      Okpako Nanaokpaks nana

      Dream and aspirations are inevitable in the life of every biological and cultural beings. But the temerity to actualize it, is what separate the failed from the successful. However, new year resolution is a method of living that streamline deficiency or excesses of an individual and the discipline to adhere strictly to the newly adopted way of life.

      Apparently, a lot of people put down voluminous new year resolution which are most times difficult to achieve. Somehow along the line, many do not ensure they achieve it due to the pressure on the numerous activities of life. Truly, it’s only those who are focus and discipline carry out their resolution without hiccups.

      Honestly, I’ve written down a short and simple new year’s resolution. Which is not too difficult to achieve. Basically, I’ve asked for sound health from God to ensure my resolution doesn’t go by the way. My three items resolution are; 1. To conquer procrastination 2. Show love to the needy in my own capacity and 3. To adopt a proactive approach to life. Obviously, distraction may come around but I’ll try to be discipline in order to ensure compliance. May God help us. Happy New year to all and sundry….

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