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Ed NEdewor

These two words are bad for humanity….CORRUPTION AND TERRORISM. Corruption is defined as dishonest or illegal behavior by powerful individuals in a society(Merriam-Webster dictionary). These are some words synonymous with corruption: dishonesty, unscrupulousness, double-dealing, decay, festering, putrefaction, decomposition, depravity etc etc. Terrorism is defined as any act(s) locally or internationally dangerous to human life that violates states or federal laws(FBI). It is utilized to intimidate or coerce a civilian population to act otherwise. These words are synonymous with terrorism: disorganization, imbroglio, turmoil, rebellion, turbulence, fracas, hubbub, discombobulation,, rumpus, lawlessness and so on and so forth. These two terms or words are surely not from God but from the Kingdom of Satan. One is a precursor to the other and my take is that, corruption gave birth to terrorism with little help from fanaticism(Islamic and Christianity). I know people are afraid to say this but I have no problem voicing the truth. Should corruption world wide be classified as terrorism by United Nations or not? Would severe reduction of corruption annihilate terrorism? This could be a virgin area of research for interested scholars.

Corruption and terrorism are both great conflagrations that need to be put off to avert perennial consequences. How old are these two words? Were they both invented by human? Why are majority of leaders not paying attention to corruption, mostly in developing and third world nations? Do bad leaders sow the seed of corruption in their respective nations/countries? Is corruption genetic or acquired? Is terrorism more devastating than corruption or vice versa? Your thoughts?