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Ed NEdewor

I will rather start this debate by defining lie, it is a false statement made with delibrate intent to deceive; a falsehood(Online People lie to make their way through life or through a system. Lie is part of human and is as old as the garden of Eden. An ordinary man like me and you lie daily jokingly or seriously to missle our way through any system in societies. The banks, the lawyers(pro liars), the pastors, the Imams, the police, the politicians(pro liars), the traders, Wall street, Loan officers, democrats, Republicans, Dictators, Kings and Queens, sports men and women, the Media men and women, Journalists, Christians, Muslims………….and so on and so forth all lie to people on daily basis. Is lying in the DNA of human or acquired from the environment? Do women tell more lies than men? If God forgive all these liars will heaven be over crowded?

Would scientists eventually stumble on a cure for liars(Liaritis…..will probably be the diagnosis…LOL)? Is lie a disease condition? It is unbelievable the volume of lies pured out there by man daily. Would man continue to blame Satan for all these lies? Poor Satan………… day you will probably be proved innocent and let human face the wrath of GOD. The debate is open folks?